FOXO gears up for launch of epigenetics-powered consumer health platform

Epigenetics specialist teams up with AI analytics company KR8 on personalized health and wellness offering.

Epigenetic biomarker technology company FOXO Technologies has revealed its plans to introduce a direct-to-consumer product offering that leverages epigenetic data and artificial intelligence. The company says the subscription-based offering will provide personalized health and wellness recommendations via FOXO’s machine learning models for analyzing epigenetic biomarkers, correlated with health outcomes and validated clinical data.

FOXO specializes in epigenetic biomarker discovery and commercialization, applying AI to DNA methylation to identify molecular biomarkers associated with human health and aging. Epigenetics, a critical component of understanding gene regulation and its interaction with lifestyle and environmental factors, has posed challenges in data processing and interpretation.

Aiming to unlock the full potential of epigenetic data, FOXO has initiated a collaboration with AI analytics company KR8, securing an exclusive license for KR8’s software to support the development and commercial launch of the new health and wellness offering. KR8 says it uses AI-driven analytics to optimize the performance of social media accounts, assessing the current performance of accounts and providing AI-driven recommendations to enhance reach and effectiveness.

By incorporating KR8’s AI software, FOXO intends to introduce a health and wellness offering, including a consumer app. The app will offer individuals personalized insights into their biological age and ways to optimize their health. Users will submit a saliva or blood sample, and the technology will merge this data with their health statistics from various sources and third-party apps. FOXO will then use AI to combine this information with vast health datasets, including peer-reviewed clinical studies, to provide a risk analysis along with actionable health insights.

“This strategy is designed to leverage our epigenetic data and analytics, which we believe reflects our core strength and includes some of the most advanced capabilities in the industry,” said Mark White, interim CEO of FOXO Technologies. “To enhance our commercial launch, we look forward to integrating KR8’s AI-driven analytic software and proprietary algorithms to cost-effectively drive social media campaigns, as well as leverage their broad network of social media influencers with a goal of rapidly scaling FOXO’s new direct-to-consumer offering.”

“The integration of KR8’s robust artificial intelligence capabilities with FOXO’s unparalleled expertise in genetics is poised to redefine the standards of wellness coaching. Spencer Cliff Christopher, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of KR8. “As we embark on this exciting venture, we are confident that this synergy of genetic insight and precision AI will establish a new standard in personalized wellness, offering users an unmatched level of guidance and support.”

Photograph: choreograph/Envato