FOXO Technologies launches bioinformatics services and hopes to revolutionize epigenetic data analysis

Comprehensive platform aims to harness and leverage the full potential of epigenetic data and accelerate breakthroughs in biotechnology and healthcare.

Foxo Technologies, a company spearheading the field of commercializing epigenetic biomarker technology, has announced the launch of its Bioinformatics Services, a platform it hopes will accelerate breakthroughs in biology, biotechnology and healthcare, and redefine the growing field of epigenetic research.

Longevity.Technology: Minneapolis-based FOXO went public through a SPAC last year, and its Bioinformatics Services aims to offer a comprehensive platform of advanced data solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of clients in academia, healthcare and pharmaceutical research. Using an innovative suite of bioinformatic tools, FOXO hopes to enable its clients to increase the speed and accuracy with which they process, analyze and interpret data sets, accelerate discoveries, and advance their understanding of complex diseases.

FOXO’s announcement saw its stock buoyed up 6.29% to $0.16 – but financial difficulties may lie ahead.

“The launch of FOXO’s Bioinformatics Services marks a significant milestone for FOXO Technologies and the field of epigenetic research,” said Tyler Danielson, interim CEO and Chief Technology Officer of FOXO.

“Epigenetics plays a key role in gene regulation and the interplay between lifestyle and environmental factors on biological systems. However, harnessing the full potential of epigenetic data has long been hindered by the challenges of data processing, analysis, and interpretation. With the introduction of our Bioinformatics Services, we aim to eliminate these barriers and empower researchers, clinicians, and other organizations to accelerate their research [1].”

FOXO added that any researcher or research group seeking to leverage DNA methylation microarrays can benefit from FOXO’s Bioinformatics Services. These services include ingesting and processing raw DNA methylation microarray data, performing sample- and probe-level quality control and securely delivering publication-ready figures and results.

FOXO also offers advanced bioinformatic analyses including epigenome wide association studies (EWAS) and AI-driven epigenetic biomarker development. These services can be applied to Illumina’s existing human and mouse DNA Methylation arrays, which cover over 935,000 and 285,000 CpG sites respectively. With advanced algorithms and skilled experts, FOXO’s bioinformatics platform is set to rapidly deliver accurate and high-quality data tailored to the needs of each client.

“Epigenetics is a nuanced science. Through years of experience, our team has developed niche expertise in bioinformatics with respect to epigenetics, specifically. Researchers who wish to incorporate epigenetic data into their studies can save valuable time and effort through our services offering,” says Brian Chen, Chief Science Officer [1].

While the launch of its Bioinformatic Services sees FOXO consolidating its position in the epigenetic research field, as well as opening the door to new research collaborations with industry and academic leaders, the company also appears to be mindful of the current economic climate.

In a registration filing submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission last week, the biotech said it had reduced its staff from 22 employees to 15 [2]. By cutting personnel, the company aims to “reduce its operating expenses while tailoring its strategic focus towards initiatives such as its Bioinformatic Services.” [2]