From biotech to inflection points with James Peyer and Greg Bailey

The lifespan revolution is coming – find out what two longevity heavyweights think about the development of the antiaging industry.

A highlight of the recent Master Investor one day masterclass on Investing in the Age of Longevity was the investment Q&A session featuring Greg Bailey of Juvenescence and James Peyer of Cambrian Bioscience and our own Editor-in-Chief Phil Newman as question master.

Longevity.Technology: The next 30 years are going to see some significant changes as life expectancy is set to rise to between 110 and 120. The longevity industry is booming, with innovation in all sorts of areas pushing to change forever how and for how long we will live. How can investors and advisors prosper in this new era of longevity? What does the future of biotech investment look like? Platform or Portfolio? 
Hear James Peyer and Greg Bailey on:

  • Platform play vs traditional biotech investment
  • Commercialisation models
  • Creating value and reaching inflection points and then scaling from there
  • Attracting talent nd diverse skills to the longevity sector
  • The next big sectors of longevity – what are the under-served areas
  • How to avoid being “antiaging 201”
  • How the longevity space needs to acknowledge and plan for population explosion and climate change