Generative AI company lands $100m to develop ‘biological software’

Californian AI startup Inceptive has reportedly secured a $100 million funding round to advance its software platform “for the rational design of novel, broadly accessible medicines and biotechnologies previously out of reach.”

The company, which is using AI to design mRNA-based medicines, was reportedly backed by investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Nvidia and Obvious Ventures. This brings the total funding in Inceptive to $120 million, following a seed funding round of $20 million last year.

Co-founded by generative AI pioneer and former Google researcher Jakob Uszkoreit, Inceptive will use the new funding to grow and improve the capabilities of its “biological software” platform. The company defines biological software as “one or more synthetic molecules that execute complex functions, specified from a program, in a biological system.”

Speaking to the Financial Times, Uszkoreit said: “We want to provide this as a horizontal capability to any entity developing mRNA and later RNA medicines … There are currently about 310 programs in flight, somewhere between pre-clinical and clinical trials.”