Genflow Bio set to accelerate future therapeutic developments

Genflow’s new research agreement with Magnitude Biosciences puts the company on track to drive research and pre-clinical drug discovery.

Genflow has announced it has entered into a research agreement with Magnitude Biosciences Ltd, a UK-based, specialist biotechnology research organisation that supports drug discovery and product development.

Founded in 2018 as a Durham University spin out, Magnitude provides an automated service to identify health-span extending drugs faster and more cost effectively than current approaches.

Longevity.Technology: Genflow is focused on longevity and the development of therapies to counteract the effects of aging and diseases associated with advanced age. Magnitude leverages AI and uses the go-to longevity model, the nematode C elegans, for its in vivo testing in aging research, accelerating early, pre-clinical drug development for biotech and pharmaceutical firms. Its sophisticated ‘Magnitude Biosciences Healthspan technology’ enables it to monitor large numbers of C elegans under multiple conditions and effectively assess the impact of compounds on health and longevity.

Magnitude is led by Dr Weinkove who has over 20 years’ experience in C elegans research, deep biological expertise across multiple research areas and a strong track record in the longevity field. Furthermore, he was appointed as the new Chair of the British Society for Research on Ageing in January this year.

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The collaboration will accelerate Genflow’s future therapeutic developments and puts it on track to carry out its research and pre-clinical drug discovery. Magnitude will commence generating transgenic strains of C elegans on behalf of Genflow to test the effect of the expression of human variants of the Sirtuin-6 gene mutation found in centenarians (people aged more than 100 years old) on in vivo function during agingby analysing C elegans for age-dependent movement decline.

Dr Eric Leire, Founder and CEO of Genflow, said: “We are very excited with this collaboration which gives us the opportunity to work with a company that has tremendous experience in longevity and has a uniquely skilled team. Through this collaboration, Genflow’s future therapeutic developments will be accelerated by Magnitude’s innovative technology which has the capacity to significantly expedite product development, supported by sophisticated machine monitoring.”

Disclosure: First Longevity Ltd which operates this website (Longevity.Technology) has a commercial interest in Genflow Biosciences Ltd.

Photograph: Genflow Bio