Genflow launches two grant-funded longevity research programs

Longevity biotech collaborates with Revatis and EXO Biologics on new research into sarcopenia and SIRT6 MRNA delivery.

Longevity biotech Genflow Biosciences has teamed up with Revatis and EXO Biologics on two new longevity research programs, fueled by grants from the Government of Wallonia in Belgium. Genflow is developing gene therapies that target the aging process, with a focus on reducing and delaying age-related diseases.

One of the new research programs, conducted in collaboration with cell therapy company Revatis, is focused on addressing the issue of age-related muscle loss. With funding of €1.34 million, the three-year initiative aims to provide insights into the mechanisms of sarcopenia – the muscle deterioration associated with aging.

Simultaneously, Genflow and exosome-focused biotech EXO Biologics are embarking on a three-year scientific program focusing on mRNA delivery. Supported by a grant of €1.55 million, the initiative will explore an approach using exosomes to encapsulate and transport Genflow’s SIRT6 gene therapy. The ultimate goal is to enable the development of therapeutic interventions for Werner Syndrome, an accelerated aging condition, and other age-related conditions.

Dr Eric Leire, CEO of Genflow said that the new research programs will allow the company to make “meaningful advancements” in the field of longevity.

“Launching both of these programs represents a strategic move to enhance our research capabilities, while contributing to the understanding of age-related conditions,” he said.

Genflow is currently developing a pipeline of SIRT6 gene therapies, with three programs targeting Werner Syndrome, an aggressive form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NASH), and pet longevity. The company’s lead compound is a suspension of an adeno-associated viral vector-based gene therapy based on a variant of the human SIRT6 gene, which is associated with longevity in centenarians.

Disclosure: First Longevity Ltd which operates this website (Longevity.Technology) has a commercial interest in Genflow Biosciences Ltd.