GERO and FOXO Technologies embark on joint initiative on AI and epigenetic data

Longevity biotech companies Gero and Foxo collaborate to develop personalized longevity recommendation engine and discover signatures of human health trajectories.

Gero, an AI-driven biotech focused on aging and longevity, and Foxo Technologies Inc, a key player in epigenetic biomarker discovery and commercialization, today announced the commencement of discussions to form a strategic collaboration between the two companies. As a result, Foxo and Gero will seek to develop an AI-driven personalized wellness and longevity recommendation engine based on proprietary epigenetic data.

This collaboration will create more headlines for Gero, following a preprint on Aging clocks, entropy, and the limits of age-reversal and an accompanying article in Popular Mechanics that asserted Humans Can Stop – But Not Fully Reverse – Aging.

Longevity.Technology: Gero’s machine-learning technology platform is being applied to discover potential therapeutic targets for fibrotic diseases using large-scale human data in collaboration with a large biopharma and Foxo Technology’s unique datasets are a missing link in understanding the utility, reliability and reversibility of epigenetic signatures of health and longevity.

It’s an exciting partnership – augmented by Gero’s AI-driven understanding of human aging, this collaboration looks set to enhance risk segmentation of individuals based on longitudinal changes in their epigenetic patterns. The overarching goal of this joint effort is to uncover new ways to personalize lifestyle-based interventions to delay the onset of chronic diseases and – ultimately – mortality.

Gero and Foxo share the goal of helping people live healthier for longer, whether through the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics, or by lifestyle modifications. Foxo’s founding was based, in part, on the discovery of epigenetic clocks – a benchmark measure of biological aging, in which Foxo’s Chief Science Officer Dr Brian Chen played a key role in demonstrating its utility. Since its founding, Foxo has generated data and partnerships to accelerate the development and commercialization of epigenetic signatures with the goal of gaining unique insights to one’s health and longevity.

Dr Peter Fedichev, CEO and co-founder of Gero, sees enormous promise for the insights derived from longitudinal epigenetic data to address life and health span.

“Our goal is to slow down or even stop human aging,” he says. “Epigenetics has revolutionized the way in which the field has thought about biological aging, but we have only scratched the surface. With FOXO’s unique expertise and resources, we hope to unlock more nuanced relationships between epigenetics and aging that haven’t been previously understood.”

Alexey Strygin, Gero’s Chief Digital Health Officer told Longevity.Technology the Gero team is very excited about the collaboration – and that great things are expected.

“FOXO Technologies has unique data that will allow to understand better exactly how aging unfolds in humans, and at Gero, we already have industry-leading experience in modeling human aging in large human datasets – something which we already applying in collaboration with Pfizer. By joining forces with FOXO, not only we will be able to better serve the longevity and wellness industries by providing more precise and more interpretable aging clocks that can be fully personalized, but hopefully we will also discover a number of untapped niches in the Life Insurance industry.

“This collaboration also aligns perfectly with our strategy for GeroSense, our tool for measuring biological age based on smartphone and wearable data, and we will be announcing several essential developments in this technology within the next few months.”