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The longevity sector is growing at a remarkable rate, and we want to ensure you’re along for the ride, so we’ve made the Intelligent decision.

For the last twelve months, we have been working on the development of our Market Intelligence Unit, formulating both content strategy and content direction.

As a result of this effort under my and our Scientific Editor Daragh Campbell‘s direction, I am delighted to share with you our definition of the longevity market; you’ll be interested to see that there are some exclusions (cryogenics, care home technology) and the classics, such as rejuvenation, senotherapeutics and longevity supplements; in addition, there are some interesting emerging categories such as advanced aesthetics and ovarian longevity.

Get access to all longevity reports free.

Over the coming months we will continue to publish reports on each of the main segments of the longevity market map. We have decided that for five key reasons, we will be releasing these reports FREE – no more paywalls. Why? It’s simple: longevity sector growth.

  1. Longevity start-ups require exposure – trailblazers that are pioneering their role in longevity require exposure to attract investment, customers and partners.
  2. Investors need guidance – over $12b has been invested in longevity businesses so far, with more coming. Investors are looking for valid opportunities, both in terms of market gaps as well as solid investment propositions.
  3. Attracting talent – we have seen a grab for talent in the market recently; this demonstrates that there is an insufficient volume of people in the sector and we need to excite students, researchers, entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals that longevity is going to be one of the biggest markets the world has ever seen.
  4. Educating consumers – many people take supplements as a result of great marketing, not necessarily as a result of defined need. This is just one example, but there is significant growth in diagnostics, apps, supplements and new interventions, and these need to arrive in the market in a measured and valid way. We see that our reports help to demystify and clarify the choices (both now and in the future) for all consumers.
  5. Educating clinicians – we need to continue to change the paradigm of fixing diseases once they have occurred. Again, diagnostics, apps, supplements and new interventions need to arrive in the market in a safe and efficacious way. We see that our reports help to scan the horizon for clinicians and policy makers as they look at care pathways in light of the growing elderly population.

“The [Longevity Supplements Report] is enormous and it’s a brilliant piece of work – a tour de force.”

Professor Lynne Cox, biogerontologist at the University of Oxford and Principal Investigator of the lab of Ageing and Cell Senescence at the Department of Biochemistry
“This report is very valuable in bringing overdue attention to the challenges of ovarian aging … We have spoken to many women and doctors across the US who will be very glad for this report to spur more investment and innovation in addressing ovarian aging and its related problems!”

Greg Schmergel, Co-founder & CEO of Nantero and Chairman of Yuva Biosciences
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