‘Get interventions to market – and to people – faster and cheaper’

Longevitytech.fund’s Petr Sramek on why the longevity field needs to look at the whole – and why it needs precision and personalization.

Leading longevity investor Petr Sramek has been a serial entrepreneur for more than 33 years. Currently Managing Partner at VC Longevitytech.fund, he is also CEO of Healthy Longevity Clinic and a board member at Biotech.

Longevity.Technology: Longevitytech.fund has invested in 44 companies – this means Sramek is ideally placed to have his finger on the pulse of longevity. We caught up with Sramek to find out about his journey with Longevitytech.fund and what longevity now and longevity next looks like at Healthy Longevity Clinic – and what his latest biological age test revealed…

Petr Sramek on…

Time for the bigger picture

I founded Longevitytech.fund four years ago, and during that journey, I have had experience of talking to hundreds of scientists and various companies, actually investing in 44 of those companies. This journey has given me a unique perspective on what we actually need in the space and what we need for in order to provide significant expansion of healthspan.

Everyone is working on something specific – telomere extension, killing senescent cells, improving whatever pathway – but no-one is really looking at the whole. And it’s not just a holistic approach – it’s combining it with precision and personalized medicine.

We built the portfolio of Longevitytech.fund companies in a unique way, creating a blend of various technologies, not just across biological pathways, but also across the timeline, so we’ll get access to short-term, mid-term and even long-term solutions. It’s a long route to the market for these interventions, especially because of various regulatory approval requirements.

Clinical trials in more ways than one

Part of the Healthy Longevity Clinic strategy is to conduct clinical trials, together with all portfolio companies. This is a way that we can get these interventions to market – and get them to people – faster and maybe even cheaper.

Our clinical trials have longevity end points – aging is not recognized as a disease, meaning that everyone else, including our portfolio companies, are forced to do clinical trials focused on targeting specific diseases.

These clinical trials are only the beginning – we are launching several early next year, with more and more coming over the next two to three years.

A willing guinea pig

My latest TruAge methylation measurement showed my biological age is 16 years below my chronological age. I’m 55 chronologically, but I got a score of 39, which was surprising because I got -6 18 months ago, so I didn’t expect such an improvement. But I’m on top of everything we do at the clinic – and I’m kind of a guinea pig for some of these interventions. But it’s additional proof that the clinic can deliver.

Sharing knowledge and going global

Our strategy is to improve clinic availability, with maybe another five flagship clinics around the world. We are not aiming to be everywhere, as it doesn’t make sense to have such a large number of physical assets. We also want to partner and license longevity roadmap and analytics to others, allowing other clients to use and benefit from these programs.

We currently have partners we are helping to build their longevity clinics – you can build a physical facility and spend all the money you want, but you can’t buy core knowledge and core longevity experience and access to these relevant therapies. So we are about to offer that access to others, and we hope to have various partners around the world.

We are sticking with our mission to find out the best possible way to intervene to improve core healthspan and provide people with many more “younger years”. In five years, I expect Healthy Longevity Clinic to be able to deliver a lot in those terms.