Global longevity investment hit $5.2 billion in 2022

Today we publish our 2022 Annual Longevity Investment Report – a full-year report on the state of investment in the longevity sector. In our report we have analysed the companies and investors behind technologies designed to extend not only our lifespan but our healthspan – compressing morbidity to extend the number of years we live in good health.

Longevity.Technology: In the longevity space we spend much of our time looking forward, whether that’s the end point of a clinical trial or a therapy hitting the clinic, or broader questions about how long we have left and how that can be extended while keeping us in good health. But in order to look forward successfully, we need to know where are – in order to measure growth and success, we need to benchmark.

We can feel the impetus of the sector, but if we quantify and measure longevity investment, we can raise awareness and properly demonstrate what an exciting sector it is and why more people should invest – together, we can move the sector onwards. We’re looking back to move forward; join us on our journey.

Sponsored by LongevityTech.Fund, our report kicks off with a Foreword from its Co-founder & Managing Partner Petr Sramek, in which he discusses why the smart investor will get into the field before general investor awareness of the mega trend that is longevity occurs.

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Using our 25 industry domains, our report defines the longevity market and tracks investment data in public and private markets from the start of 2013 to today, segmenting financing activity by location, domain and stage, following recent trends and identifying the key spaces and top players in longevity.

Crunching the numbers

A total of $5.2 billion was invested into 130 deals in 2022. Although down 15% when compared with 2021 – a breakout year for longevity investing – which saw $6.2 billion raised from 190 deals, 2022 compares favourably with 2020, which saw $3.0 billion raised from 148 deals.

This growth of 77% from 2020 to 2022 highlights the continuing strong trend line growth in the longevity industry; it is also important to note that the longevity sector is demonstrating stronger resilience than both the biotech and fintech sectors.

Key report highlights

When it comes to investment elephants in the longevity room, they don’t come much larger than Altos Labs; its $3 billion financing early in 2022 was a landmark deal for the industry, but there is much else to get excited about, as our report shows…

  • Earlier stage financings were more resilient vs later stage and public financings.
  • The number of deals and regional split indicates a more selective and less risk tolerant investor base.
  • Unsurprisingly, the US dominates global longevity investment, in number of deals, volume of financings and size of deals.
  • The leading industry domains are ‘Longevity discovery platforms’, ‘Longevity drugs’, renewal therapies (‘Regeneration’, ‘Rejuvenation’, ‘Cellular reprogramming’) and ‘Gene therapies’.

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“Longevity is a new investment category that’s continuing to attract new investors,” said Phil Newman, CEO of Longevity.Technology. “Our inaugural annual report defines what longevity is, guides investors to where the innovation is going and helps entrepreneurs understand where the capital is coming from.

“Compared with 2021, 2022 may feel like a down year, but we’re seeing great progress technically and politically in support of the sector, and are predicting that breakthrough clinical progress will spur accelerated pick-up in longevity financing in the second half of 2023.”

Jim Mellon: Longevity could be the best investment you ever make
Jim Mellon, co-founder and Deputy Chairman of Juvenescence

Serial investor Jim Mellon, co-founder and Deputy Chairman of Juvenescence, added: “Money coming into the sector has increased dramatically over the last two years, with Jeff Bezos’ $3 billion investment in Altos. Then there was the establishment of Hevolution Foundation, which is going to be investing a billion dollars a year for the foreseeable future.

“Although the biotech sector has been one of the worst affected by the market drawdowns in the last 20 months, I’ve noticed that big investment banks are taking a real interest in following and supporting the idea that longevity is not just something of science fiction, but it’s something that has real world applications.”

Looking to the future

Longevity is moving mainstream, and that brings new opportunities and challenges. While billionaire investments from Jeff Bezos and similar grab the headlines, there are other interesting developments. Big Pharma is getting more skin in the longevity game, and crypto is playing an increasingly important role, both in terms of funding and in decentralised ways of deciding research projects. Personalised longevity is also on the up, with longevity clinics, diagnostic tests, apps and supplements all getting in on the fact that a narrow focus on the individual can reap reap big rewards.

Our report explores our top 5 predictions for longevity investment in 2023, from eye-catching clinical progress to non-biotech longevity gains.

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