GlycanAge secures $4.2 million to accelerate personalized preventative care

LAUNCHub Ventures and Kadmos Capital investment will scaffold GlycanAge’s move into glycobiology-based diagnostics.

GlycanAge, a British biotech startup working in the glycan biomarkers field, today announced the successful completion of its $4.2 million seed funding round. The round, which was led by venture capital fund LAUNCHub Ventures and UK-based deep-tech fund Kadmos Capital, will be used by GlycanAge to move forward its quest to redefine personalized preventative healthcare.

Longevity.Technology: Glycobiology is the study of the biology and function of glycans, polysaccharides that are carbohydrate-based molecules made by all living organisms. While some feel the field has been challenged by an absence of necessary technologies, the landscape is changing and beginning to recognize the promise of glycobiology in predicting diseases, guiding interventions and tailoring therapies. Indeed, the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Dr Carolyn Bertozzi for her work in bioorthogonal chemistry applied to glycan study.

As the importance of prevention over cure continues to gain traction, developing diagnostics has become an area of intense focus. Diagnostics now extend beyond simple detection, playing a key role throughout the healthcare spectrum, including screening, patient stratification and treatment monitoring and biomarkers are a significant part of this process.

Glycans play a critical role in the body’s biological functions, undergo changes in more than 70 diseases – in some cases, experiencing change up to a decade prior to symptoms and diagnosis. These changes are influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics, epigenetics, gender, metabolism, and environmental conditions. GlycanAge seeks to leverage these changes, and has developed a biological age test that uses glycan biomarkers to enable early prevention strategies for both consumers and healthcare professionals. 

GlycanAge already has a biological age test on the market, and will use the new funding to shift into a broader diagnostics market, developing disease-specific prognostic biomarkers and establishing a clear regulatory strategy and product pipeline. This endeavor is further bolstered by significant grant support, including a $140,000 grant from Mubadala’s accelerator program HUB71, and an additional $220,000 from an EU AI grant. The EU funding is specifically aimed at bridging the innovative gap between diagnostics and AI, which, the company says, highlights GlycanAge’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge tech in its approach.

Nikolina Lauc, CEO of GlycanAge, said: “We are thrilled to have the support of LAUNCHub Ventures and Kadmos Capital, who share our vision for a healthier future. This funding round marks a significant milestone for GlycanAge, and we are excited to continue our journey towards transforming healthcare and empowering individuals to take control of their well-being.”

John Gebeily, a Partner at London-based VC firm Kadmos Capital, said: “With the pace of change now faster than ever, it’s vital to back high-impact technologies that will deliver solutions to tomorrow’s biggest problems. GlycanAge’s vision lies at the crossroad between preventative healthcare, diagnostics and longevity. We are delighted to back Nikolina Lauc and Dr Gordan Lauc in their mission and are confident they will leave a mark on the future of healthcare.”

Photograph courtesy of GlycanAge