Going for gold: new International Roundtable aims to set gold standard for longevity clinics

Longevity Center Founder and CEO Joanna Bensz on the first International Roundtable of Longevity Clinics.

Next month, the prestigious Buck Institute will play host to the first International Roundtable of Longevity Clinics.

Set to be a must-attend event for longevity-focused clinics, practitioners, businesses and investors interested in exploring and implementing the latest longevity trends and solutions, the Roundtable will bring together the world’s most prominent clinics to discuss cutting-edge trends and scientific knowledge in the field of healthspan extension and to foster networking with representatives of various products, biomarkers, diagnostic and technology providers. Speakers at the Roundtable, which is happening on 8th December, include David Sinclair, Joanna Bensz, Andrea Maier, Eric Verdin and David Karow.

Longevity.Technology: Wellness tourism and longevity clinics are exploding spaces; clinics offer diagnostic testing, regimen advice, biomarker mapping, aging clock predictions and more. As the number of tests and interventions grows, so too, understandably, does the call for standards, and the Roundtable’s goal is to meet that call, creating established gold standards for these practices. By bringing together a raft of experts and facilitating discussions on best practices for longevity testing and longevity-specific interventions, the Roundtable will define standards, identify effective diagnostics and and agree on recommendations for longevity-focused interventions, supplements and therapies.

Joanna Bensz, Founder and CEO, Longevity Center and International Institute of Longevity is one of those speaking at the Roundtable. We sat down with her to find out more.

Joanna Bensz on…

It’s time to get round the table

It’s important to discuss what actually is a gold standard? What are the diagnostics we should all be using? How should we work with the concept of biological aging when there are so many ways to measure it? How can we introduce scientific concepts like biological aging to the consumer? This is something doctors are specifically requesting, and we can all benefit from these kinds of discussions. And while many clinics and clinicians have specialisms, there is much common ground as well.

The Roundtable will also be ideal for doctors thinking of entering the longevity space as it will give them a great idea of what’s available, and it will also provide a great opportunity for suppliers.

Setting the standard

Different clinics use different diagnostics and have different, albeit medically validated, standards. At Longevity Center, we feel it is important not only to test the customer and make recommendations, but to check that those recommendations are working, using biomarkers to measure results. While there is no gold standard currently, there are tests that should become the standard. Some clinics that style themselves longevity clinics don’t actually do any medical tests before treatment. The Roundtable at The Buck should put us on the pathway to setting that standard, starting the discussion, and achieving standards for clinics that could be implemented anywhere in the world.

Scaling up Longevity Center

As well as clinics in Warsaw, Germany and Zurich, we are now preparing a licensing model, so we can standardize certain processes and move to any country in Europe or the world – we are looking at the Middle East and the US.

We’ve also designed a standard for children and are looking at a teen longevity program – longevity can really be a family affair! And we’re also developing our own supplements line, which should be be available early next year, and creating a digital platform to monitor progress and keep clients motivated.