Halberd enters strategic alliance for longevity and Alzheimer’s disease

New subsidiary Extendalife will focus on using patented extracorporeal tech to eradicate cause of Alzheimer’s.

Halberd Corporation has entered into a strategic alliance with AI Longevity and Stem of Hope to form a strategic alliance as a wholly owned subsidiary of Halberd Corporation named Extendalife. The mission will be to develop treatments intended to increase longevity and develop successful Alzheimer’s disease and cancer treatments using the combined patented and patent-pending technologies of the alliance member companies.

The subsidiary will be staffed by personnel from all three entities for the purpose of developing and combining Halberd’s patented extracorporeal technology for the elimination of target disease antigens; AI Longevity’s work to date has identified several bio-factors, markers and antigens which contribute to aging, and these will be combined with Stem of Hope’s stem cell research in disease treatment.

Longevity.Technology: It’s been a bumper week for Alzheimer’s research; USC reported that a fasting-mimicking diet reduces signs of Alzheimer’s in mice, and Eisai and Biogen announced positive results for their amyloid-lowering drug lecanemab, which slowed cognitive decline in a large Phase 3 clinical trial.

Alzheimer’s research receives billions of dollars’ worth of funding, but we still yet to move the needle in any significant way; we can ameliorate some of the effects, and if lecanemab fulfills its promise, slow its progression, but it is not yet anywhere near curable. The news that Extendalife plans to leverage the combined knowledge and skillset of Halberd, AI Longevity and Stem of Hope in the hope of tackling this debilitating neurodegenerative disease is to be welcomed.

Gabe Vlad, AI Longevity’s CEO, is in the process of developing a Longevity Index App and has identified numerous factors, including antigens, associated with the aging process which could be factored into the algorithms associated with a personalised assessment with regard to aging, longevity and quality of life of the user, and provide suggestions and methods to enhance same. Stem of Hope will lead the research with regard to the use of stem cells in support of longevity enhancement and cancer treatments

“We plan to commence animal testing prior to the end of the year,” explained Mitchell Felder, MD, Halberd’s Chief Technology Officer and a board-certified attending neurologist. “The anti-aging products developed by our partner and our extracorporeal technology, are expected to remove harmful age and inflammatory cytokines/antigens from the blood of small animals and allow the team to reassess the animal’s longevity. In several months we expect to have some early indications of the feasibility of our technology in improving longevity.”

“Longevity is not just living longer,” Dr Felder added. “It involves quality of life as well. In the upcoming weeks, we will highlight our partners’ products which will be utilized conjunctively with our extracorporeal technology to improve both longevity and quality of life. We also feel strongly that cancer prevention, and/or treatment will be an important by-product of this therapy, given the commonality of some of the bio factors and applicable methodology [1].”

Felder, together with Gabriel Vlad, an aerospace engineer and inventor, will direct the research and jointly serve as Chief Technology Officers for the subsidiary. William A Hartman, Chairman, President & CEO of Halberd Corporation, will serve as the subsidiary’s President and CEO.

Extendalife’s mission will be to demonstrate longevity index improvement with the use of specific patent-pending products and Halberd’s extracorporeal technology to enhance efficacy.

The subsidiary will also initiate a clinic model for longevity that will be affordable and effective, and the long-term plan is to spin off Extendalife as a separate publicly traded company.

William A Hartman, Chairman, President and CEO of Halberd Corporation, said: “Formation of this subsidiary is focused on the use of Halberd’s patented extracorporeal technology to eradicate the pathophysiologic basis or cause of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer from bodily fluids in conjunction with complementary technologies that will be disclosed as data develops. This is just the first of many anticipated specialty-focused applications of Halberd’s technology.

“We believe Halberd will be able to prevent other diseases besides Alzheimer’s disease and cancer through early detection and eradication of the disease basis before it can manifest itself in the patient. We believe this is an important first in medicine and serves an unfulfilled need that will improve quality of life and increase longevity [1].”

[1] https://halberdcorporation.com/halberd-enters-strategic-alliance