Healthspan optimisers InsideTracker raises $15 million Series B

InsideTracker seeks to drive innovation and delivery of its AI platform for personalised nutrition and healthspan optimisation.

InsideTracker, a leading healthspan optimisation platform, has announced it has raised $15 million in Series B funding in a round led by PeakBridge with participation from Cornucopian Capital and OurCrowd, renewed participation from BASF Venture Capital GmbH and the continued support of existing investors.

Longevity.Technology: InsideTracker integrates biomarker data from blood, DNA, activity trackers and user-generated demographic information to create science-backed recommendations to optimise healthspan and help users systematically achieve their health and wellness goals – in a nutshell, to help users live healthier longer.

It’s a platform that’s catching on, as the latest round of funding follows significant growth in sales of InsideTracker’s precision wellness system that personalises nutrition and healthspan optimisation. In fact, we rate it so much, we included InsideTracker as one of our Biological Age Diagnostics Trailblazers.

“This new investment enables us to enhance research and development efforts, expand marketing, and support operations so we can deliver our solutions to help people everywhere live healthier and longer lives,” said Rony Sellam, CEO, InsideTracker.

Photograph: InsideTracker

“We’re pleased to welcome PeakBridge, Cornucopian Capital, and OurCrowd as our newest investors and thrilled to have continued support from BASF Venture Capital GmbH, our angel investors, and InsideTracker’s esteemed scientific advisory board members [1].”

Powered by a proprietary AI engine, InsideTracker combines leading-edge machine learning and computational biology with more than 60,000 human-hours of meta-analysis and curation from InsideTracker’s cross-disciplinary team of scientists and subject matter experts. Ongoing research, development, and calibration of the engine is led by Renee Deehan, PhD, Vice President of Science and Artificial Intelligence; Gil Blander, PhD, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer; and a team of renowned scientific advisory board members including recent additions Eran Segal, PhD, and Ali Torkamani, PhD.

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“The impact of nutrition on health is clear,” said Nadav Berger, General Partner and Co-Founder, PeakBridge.

“Diet is considered to be a primary cause for the most prevalent chronic diseases in Western societies, whilst there is a growing body of research to suggest that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to nutrition does not work,” added Berger, explaining that for these reasons, the intersection between nutrition and health has been a core investment theme at PeakBridge for some time.

“Over the last couple of years, we have actively scoured the market for the best technologies within the personalized nutrition space, culminating in a shortlist of 35+ companies – where it was immediately clear that InsideTracker stood out from the pack,” said Berger.

“We were blown away by the robust science, exceptional team, and phenomenal traction – with tens of thousands of (repeat) users actively using InsideTracker’s platform. The PeakBridge team is excited to help InsideTracker reach new heights and support its mission to bring personalized nutrition to the masses [1].”

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