Healthy Longevity Guide – highlighting the possibilities of longevity to physicians and wellness professionals

On a mission to empower one million health professionals and bring healthy longevity to billions.

The Healthy Longevity Guide is a global education platform for health and wellness professionals interested in healthy longevity and healthy lifespan extension. It believes that the exceptional progress in the science of understanding aging, the stride in prevention and rejuvenation technologies, together with the global demographic trend of population aging, have created a new global challenge for all of us, and so it is on a mission to empower one million health and wellness professionals to provide healthy longevity guidance to billions of people worldwide, and aiming to build a solid bridge to longevity expertise for those professionals.

Longevity.Technology: The Healthy Longevity Guide’s CEO Yakov Ozer is a digital health enthusiast, and he brings that enthusiasm to HLG’s drive to empower health and wellness professionals with unique, actionable and science-based education in healthy aging.

We caught up with Ozer to find out more about the Healthy Longevity Guide and where it fits in an accelerating sector.

Yakov Ozer on…

Accessing healthspan expansion at scale

Longevity is an emerging field, but it’s one that is developing rapidly. It does take effort to keep up-to-date with all the developments in the field, so this is the reason we at Healthy Longevity Guide actually curate and prepare a lot of practical content. If physicians and wellness professional have a limited time, they will be able to quickly go over very practical specific guides on the evidence-based therapies and approaches in longevity medicine. They will be able to quickly understand what is beneficial for their patients, considering some level or personalisation and be able to apply those practices and approaches that already have science behind them.

To have longevity accessibility at scale, we need to train and help many professionals to ramp up with the latest developments in the field.

An objective education

Dr Evelyne Bischof is doing a great job in introducing longevity practices to universities, but currently doctors that were in medical school 10, 15, 20 years ago, they have little to no longevity knowledge. We want to give them an education of proven, objective, evidence-based information. There is a mess out there! You can find ideas, studies and opinions in every direction, so we give them the ability to access vetted and verified products in the longevity space, mostly diagnostics and supplements, giving them the ability to integrate those products in the longevity journeys of their patients and customers.

Choosing longevity

Choosing to find out more about longevity is not only a great educational point for professionals, but it’s a great economic driver to increase the revenue of their practice simply by seeing more patients and driving more annual wellness visits.

These are covered by Medicare in the US, and allow the patient, along with his doctor, to plan the future of his health. Unfortunately, annual wellness visits in the US are heavily under-used – less than 50% of eligible doctors drive annual wellness visits because they require time investment and meaningful medical content and context. Healthy Longevity Guide and healthy longevity medicine and healthy lifespan extension in general can provide this meaningful content and context for the annual wellness visit. This means the doctor will be able not on to plan the next twelve months of his patient, but include some metrics. This means the following visit twelve months later, the doctor will be able to measure those metrics and understand whether the longevity journey of his patient works or not.