Hello100 launches new NMN product enriched with 5 active ingredients and liposomal tech

A new NMN supplement company is hoping to help you celebrate your centenary and say “Hello” to 100!

As people wake up to the realisation that aging is malleable, so too do they realise that they can do something about it – and the growing longevity supplements market is testament to that.

Many of the most popular longevity supplements are those that seek to boost NAD+ levels – and with good reason. NAD+ (which is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an important coenzyme found in all cells in the body; this molecule plays a crucial role in various metabolic processes, including the production of ATP, the primary source of energy for the body, and used for growth and repair. NAD+ also functions as a substrate for a group of enzymes called sirtuins, which regulate a variety of cellular processes including DNA repair, gene expression and metabolism.

Longevity.Technology: As we age, levels of NAD+ naturally decline in the body, and this can lead to a decline in the function of sirtuins and other enzymes that rely on NAD+. This decline has been linked to the onset of age-related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and neurodegeneration. Supplementation with NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), a molecule that can be converted into NAD+ in the body, has been shown to increase NAD+ levels and improve the function of sirtuins, potentially leading to improved health outcomes.

However, it’s not all plain sailing; NMN’s bioavailability – the amount of NMN that actually reaches the target tissues and cells – can be low when taken orally. This is because NMN is rapidly metabolised and broken down in the body, and this limits its ability to reach the bloodstream and enter cells. Most supplements are oral, of course, so to improve the bioavailability of NMN, manufacturers include compounds that inhibit its metabolism, such as resveratrol, or packages it in liposomes.

One company that puts bioavailability at the heart of its supplement strategy is Hello100, and we were pleased to speak to them to find out more about the company’s delivery mechanism and the ingredients included in the supplement.

Relatively new to the market, Hello100 is a novel NMN product enhanced by liposomal technology. In addition, the supplement has four active ingredients: trimethylglycine (TMG), resveratrol, Vitamin B12 and folate.

Hello100 launches new NMN product enriched with 5 active ingredients and liposomal tech

While many people opt for pure NMN supplements – and in most cases, powder – the team behind Hello100 believe their 5-in-1 formula delivered through liposomal tech is a winner.

“With our formula, we concentrate on bioavailability through liposomal technology,” Hello100 explained. “This is the core idea behind Hello100 NMN. As well as NMN, we’ve included four active ingredients as their synergy is essential for methylation, a crucial step in the conversion of NMN into NAD+. While resveratrol enhances the activation of sirtuins needed for DNA repair, TMG, folate, and Vitamin B12 participate in methylation.”

Creating a supplement that really works

Hello100 says its NMN supplement is designed with recent scientific findings in mind, with key consideration given to NMN pathways and bioavailability challenges as well as quality of ingredients.

“Hello100 NMN is a suitable supplement not only for long-term NMN users but also for beginners starting their longevity journey,” says Kamantauskas. “We believe that our aim to create an NMN supplement that really works is achieved.”

All about the journey

Of course, the NMN has to get to where its needed – and that’s where the liposomal delivery strategy plays its part.

A liposome is a small sphere of fat with supplements bundled inside, and Hello100’s liposomal technology performs two critical tasks to increase supplement effectiveness. The liposome shields the supplements from the highly acidic environment in the stomach, preventing the destruction of the compounds, and additionally, due to its similar structure to the cell membrane, the liposome is able to bind to the cell, delivering the supplement molecules directly into the cell, keeping the ingredients in the capsule intact.

Hello100 told us: “Using liposomal technology, we optimize the absorption of NMN by improving bioavailability. This technology allows getting better results per mg of the active substance (NMN).”

A team effort

As mentioned, Hello100 prides itself on its delivery method and its formula, believing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

“At Hello100 we do not believe that one molecule does it all, rather a well-balanced squad helps to prevent and repair,” Hello100’s CEO and Co-Founder Ignas Kamantauskas told us. “It takes more than one molecule to maintain good and long-lasting health. While NMN alone has numerous benefits, its synergetic activity with other essential vitamins and supplements prolongs the healthspan significantly.”

Hello100 added the following ingredients to the formula:

  • Betaine – also called TMG, betaine is a source of methyl groups used to convert NMN to NAD+.
  • Resveratrol – together with NAD+ further increases the activin of the SIRT protein.
  • Folate and Vitamin B12 – chosen to support cell growth and reproduction.

“These five ingredients fully provide our cells with the necessary substances to perform the functions of a healthy cell: produce the necessary energy, cell growth, cell division, DNA repair, and many others,” says the company.

More on methylation

While vitamins and folate are part of our everyday healthcare and resveratrol and NMN are frequent fliers on this website, TMG is not so familiar.

Betaine (otherwise known as TMG) is a methyl donor and has three methyl groups. Methyl groups are important for methylation processes helping to properly regulate genes and contribute to a healthy lifespan.

Methyl groups also contribute to DNA production and gene regulation.

“The main reason we added this ingredient to the Hello100 formula is that NAD+ production consumes up methyl groups, which can lead to methyl group deficiency over time,” Hello100 explains. “This can cause gene expression disorders or other disorders. Also, as we age, methyl group concentration in our body decreases, so it is important to ensure a regular intake of methyl donors like Betaine, Vitamin B12 and Folate.”

What’s next for Hello100

Hello100 currently designs and produces scientifically-backed supplement products to facilitate a healthy and productive extension of lifespan. In the near future, the company aims to create products that not only slow down aging but also enable the monitor of changes that are happening on the cellular level.

“At Hello100 we believe in measuring everything we do.”

To find out more about Hello100, visit their website – CLICK HERE