Help us help you: Longevity biotech survey

A new survey on translational processes and hurdles to clinical trials in Longevity biotech.

We’re working with two MDs: Oliver Zolman and Jian Fransen, on a confidential 10-minute survey to help identify the barriers that innovators are facing in bringing Longevity biotech innovations to market.

We will, of course, be sharing the top-level results and we hope the survey will help identify which of the four key innovation risk areas that aging biotech is most exposed to:
1) Demand
2) Execution
3) Cashflow
4) Technology
Following the 10-minute survey, and only as a value-add option, Oliver and Jian are offering a confidential follow-up call to help analyse your answers and craft a personalised risk profile for your business.
This risk profile is a free confidential systematic assessment of your innovation, designed to help you decide how to reduce the risk of your innovation failing to reach the market.
Thanks in advance to our respondents!