Hevolution event set to boost global healthspan engagement

Scale and ambition: Global Healthspan Summit sets a new benchmark in longevity and healthspan events.

Having had to close registration 48 hours early, when organisers hit 2000 delegates, there is no doubt that Hevolution’s Global Healthspan Summit (GHS) 2023 is big, well-produced, and well-attended: the roster of speakers is a healthy mix of longevity event circuit regulars combined with new international participants garnered from royalty, government, pharma and banking.

The GHS website says: ‘No more passive discussions – it’s time for an honest, transformative change!’ and this theme was picked-up by Hevolution Foundation’s CEO, Dr Mehmood Khan.

Dr Mehmood Khan, CEO of Hevolution Foundation

In his opening address, Khan told delegates: “With one billion people on the planet over 60, the world’s demographic pyramid is going to invert, with fewer young people able to provide the societal support needed for an aging population.”

He went on to say that the voice of the longevity industry was not being heard at the level that it deserves, and that “earlier events were attended by fewer people, the early adopters, the pioneers, the believers, and what we’re [Hevolution] trying to do is scale.”

He continued: “Our goal is to make our investments to touch as many as possible. We talk every day about democratising the discoveries, the science and education that we intend to celebrate this with as many people around the world as possible.

“It’s an important filter in terms of our mode of operation. Through partnerships, everything we do is about leverage, because the activities that create leverage allow us to scale.

The Healthspanned Society – What Now, What Next? was moderated by Dr Michael Ringel and featured HRH Princess Dr Haya Bint Khaled Bin Bandar AlSaud, Dr Tareef AlAama, Dr Peter Fedichev, Henk Heidekamp and Jerry McLaughlin

“We’re in the Middle East – this is where diverse cultures come together, ideas come together, diverse disciplines come together, and diverse beliefs come together. And if you look around the room, you’ll see that diversity physically.”

The Global Healthspan Summit continues.

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