Hevolution Foundation commits $2 million to accelerate research in neglected areas of healthspan science

Hevolution matches Impetus Grants funding to support 14 grants

Hevolution Foundation, the Riyadh-based non-profit organisation that provides grants and early-stage investments to incentivise research and entrepreneurship in healthspan science, has announced the results of $2 million in matching funding for a programme from Impetus Grants, a non-profit science funding organisation focused on longevity research.

Longevity.Technology: Rather like altruistic buses, two funding vehicles from Hevolution have come along at once. Yesterday, we brought you the news that the new Foundation has committed $8.5 million to support junior investigators in a multi-year grant programme with American Federation for Aging Research, the funds for which will be deployed through new awards in aging biology and geroscience research. Add that to today’s commitment of $2 million and the Hevolution totaliser is up to $10.5 million; with an annual budget of up to $1 billion, it looks like the Foundation, which aims to support a cutting-edge, global ecosystem of talent and propel aging and geroscience research forward, achieving medical breakthroughs to help humanity live healthier, longer, is just getting started.

“Building on our just-announced partnership with the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR), we are pleased that our $2 Million in matching funds for Impetus Grants has helped enable the organization to fund 14 innovative academic research projects in healthspan science and related fields,” said Felipe Sierra, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer.

“From causality of methylation clocks to in vivo measurements of multiple aging mechanisms to in situ genome-scale measurements of multiple aging mechanisms, and a variety of other areas, this is important, healthspan-oriented research that has typically been underfunded.”

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The total grant funding of $4 million was awarded to 14 investigators conducting research in a variety of disciplines and stages of healthspan science.

Dr Sierra added: “All 14 of these projects align with our mission to drive efforts to extend healthy human lifespan and understand the processes of aging, leveraging a broad set of tools through diverse approaches.

“We are pleased that these studies are proceeding and are eagerly anticipating seeing the resulting data, as well as announcing more partnerships with leading organizations in the coming months.”

A full list of grant recipients is available on the Impetus Grants website.

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Photograph: Hevolution Foundation