Hevolution releases inaugural Global Healthspan Report

Foundation’s clarion call for global advancement of healthspan agenda advocates reform, innovation and investment.

Back in November, we reported on Hevolution Foundation‘s two day Global Healthspan Summit in Riyadh; with over 1000 attendees and 100 speakers, Hevolution hoped the summit would serve as a trigger, shifting perception of aging and longevity and catalyzing a move towards global healthspan.

To build on this event and scaffold the shift from sickcare to healthspan, Hevolution has released its inaugural Global Healthspan Report today; the report builds on the success of the summit and delivers needed insights to support progress for global healthspan goals.

Longevity.Technology: The healthspan agenda – which emphasizes the extension of healthy life years, not simply lifespan – is moving from the field of geroscience into the spheres of public health, policy and economics. This report from the Hevolution Foundation draws from a global survey of 4,000 citizens and 1,000 healthcare professionals, two workshops with experts in London and Boston, and an interview program with leading thinkers in science, investment and policy to outline key calls to action for enabling the healthspan transition.

The report acknowledges that we are at an inflection point; thanks to scientific breakthroughs and societal changes, healthspan is with the grasp of most people. However, making that a reality requires a systemic and complex shift that employs new ways of thinking, and a move away from conventions and the status quo that needs to stretch from how medical research is conducted right through to health service design and infrastructure. The Hevolution Foundation report outlines the key calls to action the Foundation believes are necessary to enable a healthspan transition.

Key insights in the report include:

  • Nearly two in three health professionals surveyed (63%) believe health systems will not be financially viable by 2030 without a breakthrough in healthy longevity science
  • 97% of financial professionals believe healthy longevity investments can yield greater financial returns than traditional healthcare investments
  • Citizens in emerging markets are strongly in favor of innovation and reforms to enable healthy longevity, from willingness to use longevity therapies and services to rethinking policy areas like pension age
  • Most policy professionals believe that healthy longevity requires a new approach, but a similar majority (75%) would prefer to be a “fast follower” rather than a leader showing a need for policy leadership

In the Foreword to the report, Dr Mehmood Khan, the CEO of Hevolution, said he hoped the report would serve as a “clarion call for advancing the healthspan agenda for all”.

“The reality of ageing today is an unforgiving one: people are living longer yet are spending more years in poor health than ever before. This paradox is a testament to both the successes and the severe limitations of our current healthcare paradigm. We believe this can and must change. Everyone has the right to age well. Every person should live better – not just longer.”