How boosting your cellular energy can boost your longevity

Cellular energy matters and fine-tuning it can boost your longevity and help you feel great.

Energy is a word we all use, whether it’s discussing the latest fuel crisis, wishing you had a lie-in at the weekend or feeling pumped after a run. However, did you know that your body performs a series of complicated reactions to turn food and oxygen into energy and it is this cellular energy that keeps you moving – and keeps you alive by boosting longevity!

What is cellular energy?

This conversion of glucose and oxygen into energy is called respiration, a process that mostly happens in our mitochondria. These minute organelles are rightly known as the powerhouses of the cell, but they also control the maintenance of cell life and function as the gatekeepers of cell death.
Mitochondria play a key role in controlling numerous processes in the body, including cellular growth, energy production and apoptosis or programmed cell death.

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Mitochondria oxidise sugars, fats and proteins to produce chemical energy, which is stored in the molecule ATP. These ATP molecules are often called the ‘energy currency of life’.
While we think of energy as necessary for simply being alive, it is vital for three major tasks: powering metabolic reactions, transporting substances across membranes and fuelling mechanical work, such as muscle movement. Energy is essential to functions like the repair, growth and maintenance of cells and tissues, and it can also boost longevity.

What happens to our energy levels and longevity when we age?

We are all too aware of the damage that happens to our bodies as we age, whether it’s laughter lines on our face, not being able to manage three courses at dinner or a dull ache in our knees after a couple of flights of stairs. However, we also accumulate molecular and cellular damage can increase the risk of age-related illnesses.

Aging also affects our mitochondria; as we age, we experience bioenergetic decline as our mitochondria fail to function as effectively as they used to, leaving us with reduced energy. Not only can this affect the way we feel and leave us struggling with fatigue, but it also means there is less energy available for repair and rejuvenation. Another common effect of mitochondrial dysfunction is loss of muscle strength, which many people begin to experience during their 40s due to the age-related decline in both the number and function of mitochondria.

What can we do about it?

Supplements, such as urolithin A, can be used to boost mitochondrial health and energy production. Your gut plays a key role in this process as urolithin A, which is a powerful postbiotic, is produced by the gut bacteria after eating certain foods high in polyphenols like pomegranates, berries and nuts.
However, the supplement story is not that straightforward; recent research has shown that it is difficult for most people to produce any or enough urolithin A from food alone – in fact, as few as 1 in 3 people are able to produce enough urolithin A, and that is still subject to their eating enough of the right foods at the right time.
The most effective way to ensure you are getting enough urolithin A is from direct supplementation.

Mitopure for cellular energy and longevity

This is where Mitopure comes in. Swiss company Amazentis has developed a highly-purified form of urolithin A called Mitopure which you can buy as powder or softgels. Containing 500 mg of highly-pure urolithin A, Mitopure packs an energy punch, delivering six times the amount of urolithin A than diet alone and has been shown to promote both mitochondrial health and muscle endurance. Taking the supplements for two months can improve markers of muscular strength in older adults, without any exercise.
By supporting mitochondrial health, urolithin A is also thought to boost longevity by benefiting numerous age-related diseases. It does this by improving the activity of mitochondria and increasing muscle function. By activating mitophagy, the selective recycling of aging and damaged mitochondria, the path is cleared for healthy mitochondria to grow and fight the battle against aging.

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