Humanaut launches with $8.7m and a mission to open longevity clinics across the US

Company aims to become the ‘first integrated clinic for healthy aging and disease prevention in every major US market.’

Longevity clinic provider Humanaut Health emerged today with an oversubscribed $8.7 million seed investment round. The company revealed plans to roll out membership-based clinics across major US cities, with its inaugural clinic set to open in Austin, Texas, later this year.

Humanaut’s approach is aimed at helping individuals optimize their health and well-being, particularly as they navigate the challenges of aging beyond 40, which is when the company says they “begin to feel the effects of the body’s declining resilience in their daily lives.”

“Our internal research shows a range of physical and emotional concerns held by U.S. adults over 40,” Humanaut’s CEO Jim Donnelly told us. “Pain, energy, and appearance are top-of-mind worries. Nearly a third of survey respondents are turning to non-medical sources for health and aging advice. We hear lots of personal concerns, but not much clarity regarding the best ways to take action.”

Healthy aging vision

Donnelly says that people over 40 must work smarter and understand their body in new ways – including hormone levels, genetic risks, and metabolic health – to determine what they need to do to live well for the decades ahead.

“Waiting for sickness is a flawed approach to health and well-being and too common across US healthcare,” said Donnelly. “Personally, I continue to see friends and family with accelerating health issues that could have been prevented… Traditional healthcare has focused on disease over the person and quality of life. Scientific breakthroughs are available to a select few. Falling trust in medical institutions keeps people from seeking early interventions that could change the trajectory of their health.”

“Our vision is to be the first integrated clinic for healthy aging and disease prevention in every major US market. By bringing the principles of health optimization to local cities, we’ll help more Americans live longer in good health.”

Health optimization approach

At the core of Humanaut’s mission is “health optimization medicine,” which is based on a care model that encompasses regenerative, hormone, and lifestyle medicine services, leveraging comprehensive health assessments, preventative care, symptom management, and individual coaching. 

Jim Donnelly is CEO of Humanaut.

“Humanaut’s services span multidimensional assessment, integrated medicine, and behavior change support,” said Donnelly. “We recognize that optimal health achievement is a journey with many ups and downs, so we strive to make it a supportive and enjoyable experience.”

Humanaut says its “multidimensional assessment” includes blood panels measuring 100 biomarkers, a muscle/bone/fat body scan analysis, genetic testing and fitness evaluation covering cardio, mobility and strength. A personalized health plan is then developed based on the data from the assessment and an individual’s personal goals, and can include regenerative medicine, hormone and peptide therapies, wellness treatments and lifestyle modifications.

“The right approach to longevity doesn’t just add years to life, but life to those years,” said Chief Medical Officer Dr Amy Killen. “Our medical teams will provide next-generation care, rooted in advanced science, integrated medicine, and individualized support.”

Dr Amy Killen is Humanaut’s Chief Medical Officer.

Ambitious expansion plans

Humanaut memberships will begin at $225 per month for “holistic assessment, optimal health planning, and ongoing support.” Premium memberships will also be available for those seeking additional testing, individual health coaching, and concierge medicine services. In addition to its own clinics, the company expects to launch its concierge services in the early summer.

The funding round, which was oversubscribed by 40%, was led by The Kabech Fund, with support from Midnight Venture Partners and others, and will be used to fuel Humanaut’s expansion plans.

“Over the next two years, we’ll prioritize exceptional care delivery and US service expansion,” says Donnely. “This translates to new features within our digital platform, including health app integrations and virtual appointments. The funding will also enable a number of new locations through corporate partnerships and franchise agreements.”

In addition to Donnelly, and Killen, the company’s founders include Paul A Pagnato, Dr Harry Adelson, Tony Cheng, Elliot Karathanasis and Trey Owen. The founders have collectively generated billions in exit value from previous health-related ventures, including Restore Hyper Wellness, Archway Health, PagnatoKarp and United Fitness Partners.

“The round’s oversubscription is a testament to the market’s desire for more accessible longevity medical services,” said Pagnato, who is also Humanaut’s Chairman. “Our mission to scale health optimization will profoundly impact our members, their communities, and society, at large.”