Ian White: “We’re right on the precipice of fundamental changes in longevity research”

RAADFest speaker Ian White explains how research focused on the very start of life can play a role in extending it.

Dr Ian White, President and CSO, NeoBiosis, is considered a leading expert in the field of aging and regenerative medicine with 20 years’ experience working with stem cells, regenerative cells and tissue regeneration. At the vanguard of regenerative medicine, Dr White is ideally placed to discuss The universal laws of aging and how humans are uniquely prepared to reject them at the upcoming RAADFest conference.

Longevity.Technology: RAADFest 2022 kicks off on 6 October; featuring four days of all-new content that promises to “fuel your future” and RAADFest aims to bring attendees to the cutting edge of longevity. While much scientific progress is iterative and measured in small steps, giant leaps are needed to inspire and propel the sector, so ahead of RAADFest, we caught up with Ian White for a video interview in which he shares his views on how research on perinatal tissue is contributing to the fight for longevity and how the field of regenerative medicine is accelerating. Check it out below:

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Ian White on…

Fighting COVID

One of our focuses is amniotic fluid; it’s very easy to harvest from a full-term pregnancy without harm to foetus or or mother, and we can transplant that tissue for all kinds of indications. In fact, we’re submitting this week to the FDA our IDA – investigative new drug application – for a clinical trial for treating COVID and post-COVID syndrome. We’ve found amniotic fluid is incredibly immunomodulatory; we are able to use that to bring down a lot of the cytokine storm that’s causes a lot of the COVID and post-COVID pathology.

Waste not, want not

Birth tissues are typically considered medical waste, but of course they contain a lot of cells, growth factors, exosomes, extracellular vesicles, &c. We are able to extract all those under very rigorous conditions and render those products, and turn them into medical grade products for use in clinical research and clinical trials.

The final frontier

I’m raising capital for the Space Aging Research Institute (SARI), introducing these two pioneering areas – space and aging (or longevity) and bringing them together. What we’ve found is that you age differently in space; this gives us a unique tool to study aging. By studying the effect of space travel on astronauts, and then combining that with what we already know on Earth, as far as longevity is concerned, what we hope is to find some novel ideas about what what causes aging and what could reverse aging. This also gives us opportunities to explore space; if you age or degenerate faster as you travel through space, our opportunities for extended space exploration is limited.

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