Immunis study shows secretome therapy improves metabolism and muscle and reduces fat in aged mice

Treatment with immunotherapy also resulted in improvements in grip strength, energy expenditure, and overall physical activity levels.

US biotech Immunis has published new research shedding light on the potential of its secretome-based treatments to enhance metabolism and muscle health while mitigating fat accumulation. The study, published in Aging Cell, showed that the Irvine, CA-based company’s immunotherapy improved whole-body metabolism, reduced adiposity, and promoted skeletal muscle function in aged mice.

Aging is often accompanied by a decline in metabolic health, leading to issues such as obesity, muscle atrophy, and reduced physical function. Muscle atrophy, in particular, poses significant challenges, contributing to falls, fractures, and substantial healthcare costs. Sarcopenic obesity, characterized by both excess fat mass and age-related muscle loss, is a growing global health concern.

Immunis claims the study, conducted in collaboration with Professor Micah Drummond from the University of Utah, advances the understanding the effects of its investigational immunotherapy, known as IMMUNA, on key aspects of aging, including metabolism, fat distribution, and skeletal muscle function.

Conducted in aged mouse models, the study showed that treatment with IMMUNA led to notable improvements in lean mass, reduction of fat mass, and enhancement of muscle fiber area. Moreover, muscle quality showed significant enhancement, marked by an increase in muscle stem cells, improved collagen turnover, increased vascularization, and decreased muscle fat content. The physiological changes were accompanied by improvements in grip strength, energy expenditure, and overall physical activity levels.

“I was particularly intrigued that IMMUNA seemed to have utility beyond muscle, particularly in regulating adipose tissue health and whole-body metabolism,” said Prof. Drummond.

Immunis is currently working to evaluate the clinical efficacy of IMMUNA in combating sarcopenic obesity and related conditions in humans. The company says that preliminary data from its clinical trial is “highly promising.”

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