Improving your metabolic fitness by tracking glucose biomarkers

Ultrahuman CEO on investing in better choices for a healthier, longer life.

Ultrahuman is going from metabolic fitness strength to strength. In 2022, we have covered its acquisition of wearables company LazyCo, the roster of tech investors and founders investing in its Series A and the launch of world’s first smart ring with a focus on metabolism.

Longevity.Technology: Ultrahuman newest wearable is the Ultrahuman Ring, a metabolism-tracking wearable that measures movement, sleep and the body’s energy dynamics coupled with intelligent activity or recuperating recommendations, in real-time; this allows users to balance and take control of their health.

The metabolic health crisis is one of the largest healthcare crises in existence today; with over a billion people globally suffering from a metabolic health disorder, these disorders contribute to almost 85% of all chronic diseases in the world. Wearables (and their associated platforms) can inform lifestyle choices by helping people understand how food and exercise affect their metabolic health, leading to improved eating habits and increased activity levels.

With so much happening for Ultrahuman this year, we were keen to find out more; we caught up with  Mohit Kumar, the company’s founder and CEO, for a video interview. Check out what he has to say on the development and future of the M1 device and why understanding glucose is so important for longevity.

Mohit Kumar on…

Ultrahuman’s investment to date

Our last round was part of our Series A extension; the idea was to get people on the cap table who actually believe in this, not just as a business, but as a product that has the potential to change the landscape around healthcare and fitness. Some of them, incidentally, were using the product even before putting in their own money. We’ve raise $7.5m in the Seed Round and $17.5m in Series A.

Learning from glucose

The M1 device looks like a coin-sized sensor; it tracks your glucose and we apply a layer of analytics to the glucose data to tell you what’s happening in your body in terms of response to food, sleep, exercise, stress, &c. This is very valuable data because glucose is a highly-reactive biomarker – it changes and reacts to almost anything. If you can look at the reaction of your glucose, you can learn a lot about your glucose metabolism. Your glucose metabolism can tell you a lot about your probability of a metabolic disorder and your efficiency from a focus perspective.

The Ultrahuman customer base

Ultrahuman Ring

We have users from one extreme to the other; on the one side we have a lot of biohackers and really fit individuals, athletes, Olympians and people who are into health data. Other people using the device are startup founders, CEO, investors, top bankers… in the top performance community we have dense coverage. The platform is also used by people with metabolic disorders or have symptoms of metabolic disorders and people who have a family history that encourages them to be proactive.

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Photograph: Ultrahuman