Investing in longevity – you are cleared for take-off

The second investors-only conference focusing on longevity is coming up later this month – we’ll be there and this is why you should too.

Longevity is set to be the largest investment opportunity of the next few decades; we now know that the rate of aging can be controlled and research into lifestyle and biotech targets is moving at a fast pace, with discoveries winning Nobel prizes, extending lives and garnering billion-dollar interest. Wearables are commonplace, internet of things is connecting clinicians with patients and start-ups and spin-outs are jostling for staff and funding.

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Longevity.Technology: The Longevity Investors Conference couldn’t come at a better time; provides relevant insights on this space, as well as expert education, investment opportunities and excellent networking opportunities, the conference targets investors from (U)HNWIs, Family Offices, VCs, Private Equity Funds, Private Banks and Asset Managers. Sub-topics this year include (radical) life-extension, rejuvenation and biostasis.

The conference takes place virtually (for obvious reasons) on 27th September 2021. As Founder of First Longevity and Editor-in-Chief of Longevity.Technology, I am delighted to be presenting an overview of longevity investment activity at the conference.

I am the big fan of Geoffrey Moore’s chasm theory which addresses how markets can make it over the chasm when they reach a certain point of inflection in consumer adoption and scale. Longevity is no different; a chasm exists between the enthusiasts, visionaries and early adopters and the wait-and-see pragmatists who come on board later. Get it right, and you can dominate the market.

In my presentation Are we there yet? at the Longevity Investors conference, I will be addressing the points of inflection the our longevity market is going through and setting the context for what this means in terms of investment activity. It is obvious that we are still in the early stages of an industry that is going to be huge. I like to draw parallels between the longevity sector and what has happened in Fintech.

Total value of Fintech investments worldwide from 2008 to 2018(in billion U.S. dollars). Source: Statista

When you see how Fintech has now become a huge industry, accepted by institutions, governments and consumers around the world, you can fast forward to the future and see that longevity will overcome the barriers to significant growth that many of us address every day of our working lives.

Looking at the number of longevity biotech company formations (see chart below), it is clear that steady growth has been achieved over the period, however when compared with the wider biotech market, the percentage is not significant at this time – but we know that this will change.

Phil Newman_Charts
Longevity biotech company formations. Source:

I will also be sharing our insights into what areas are particularly hot for longevity investors right now.

In addition, I will also be hosting the panel How to invest in longevity start-ups, featuring the longevity investors Maria Konovalenko (Scientist in Residence at Formic Ventures), Dina Radenkovic (Partner at Salt Bio Fund and Chief Scientific Officer at HOOKE) & Michael Greve (Founder of Forever Healthy Foundation). The panellists have a wealth of experience to share, so this is not to be missed!

The conference is being organised by entrepreneurs and investors Dr Tobias Reichmuth (Founding Partner of Maximon AG, Founder of SUSI Partners and Chairman of Crypto Finance Group) and Marc P Bernegger (Founding Partner of Maximon AG and serial entrepreneur focusing on exponential technologies) who are also behind CfC St Moritz, as well as Maximon, a new company builder which aims to extend the healthspan and to allow humans to reach a fit, healthy and happy longevity.

Other speakers presenting this year include Sergey Young (Founder at Longevity Vision Fund), Dr Wei-Wu He (Executive Chairman, Human Longevity) and Dr Brian Kennedy (Director at Centre for Healthy Ageing and Professor Departments of Biochemistry and Physiology at National University of Singapore) and many more.

I hope you can join us and looking forward to seeing you there, albeit virtually!
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Graph credit:  Statista Research Department