Investing in the Age of Longevity – a one-day masterclass

The lifespan revolution is coming – find out how to connect, collaborate and invest.

In the next 30 years, life expectancy is set to rise to between 110 and 120; the nascent but rapidly growing longevity industry has the capacity to change forever how we live, and how (and when) we die. Crucially, it will also influence how we successfully invest for the future, which begs the question, how can investors and advisors prosper in this new era of longevity?

Longevity.Technology: How? Here’s how! Master Investor‘s one-day masterclass, Investing in the Age of Longevity, offers participants the rare chance to be involved (and invested) in the birth of a this industry, which is arguably the greatest investment opportunity of all time. A packed programme of presentations – all delivered by scientists and business leaders at the cutting edge of the field – ensures attendees will leave the event with valuable learning points to help them build their longevity investment portfolios.

And even better, our readers qualify for a special discount of 20% – just apply the code LongevityTechnology at the checkout. See you there!

Investing in the Age of Longevity is a carefully-curated masterclass featuring presentations delivered by leaders and investors at the cutting edge of the field. Participants will be able to get the inside track on the latest aging-related discoveries, network with some of the leading longevity scientists and investors and meet the businesses identified as being good investments in this sector.

Investin in the age of longevity

And we’ll be there! Longevity.Technology is proud to partner with Master Investor in bringing you this special masterclass; our CEO and Editor-in-Chief Phil Newman will be acting as your host for the day and Head of Deal Flow William Birch will also be on hand to discuss the exciting opportunities in the longevity industry.

We reached out to Tim Corcoran, CEO of Master Investor, to get his take on the forthcoming masterclass.

“We’ve been running this event for four years now and every year I am utterly inspired by the speakers,” Corcoran told Longevity.Technology. “This year promises to be the best yet because the science is progressing quite rapidly. We’ve got a range a brilliant speakers, some major announcements and a collection of longevity companies who are doing things now which I never would have dreamed possible. The potential for investment (and for society) is mind blowing, it’s going to be a great day so I hope people will snap up the final few tickets to be there in person.”

Tim Corcoran, CEO of Master Investor
Tim Corcoran, CEO of Master Investor

Programme highlights include:



  • Daniel Ives on safe cellular rejuvenation
  • George Sutherland on Crossing the Chasm: priming the market for longevity interventions
  • Larissa Andreeva of Mitocholine


  • Nir Barzilai on Investing in an Indication: opportunities, obstacles and the TAME Trial
  • Richard Faragher on AFAR Think Tank reports finding
  • Jim Mellon & James Peyer on rejuvenating and uniting the industry to target health span and life span

Spaces are limited to just 150 attendees, so early booking is advised! Remember, Longevity.Technology readers qualify for a special discount of 20% – just apply the code LongevityTechnology at the checkout.