Investing in the age of longevity: Investment panel

The Longevity Week: Master Investor Masterclass

The Investment Panel investigates demonstrated Longevity growth, name-checking some hot areas for investment, seeing how Longevity-ready institutional investors are and looking forward over the coming year.

On this panel:
Alexandra Sharon Bause, Co-Founder at Apollo Health Ventures, an early-stage investment fund focused on developing interventions that enhance human health and longevity;

Greg Bailey, Co-founder and the CEO of Juvenescence, Greg is a physician, financier and biotech entrepreneur with extensive experience founding and financing healthcare companies;

Dani Saurymper, Healthcare & Longevity Economy Fund Manager, AXA Investment Managers, Danny is expert in Portfolio Management, Equity Research, Equity Sales and Corporate Finance.

The Longevity Week, 9-13 November 2020, is an initiative of The Longevity Forum. It brings together a diverse group of strategic partners of the Forum, supporters and participants whose goals are aligned with the mission of the Forum – to achieve longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives for as many people as possible.

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