Investors to convene in Gstaad for key longevity event

Longevity Investors Conference returns to Switzerland this September with an extended agenda packed with information and networking.

In just a couple of months, Longevity Investors Conference 2024 will be convening its 2024 edition at the Le Grand Bellevue in Gstaad, Switzerland. Running from 24th to 27th September 24th to 27th, LIC is recognized as a premier event for investors in the growing longevity sector, and this fifth edition of the conference promises an expanded agenda that is packed with innovative sessions and which fosters an atmosphere of collaborative discussion and deep-dive exploration of the field of longevity.

Longevity.Technology: Events that showcase innovation in the longevity space, such as this conference, are pivotal for advancing the field, providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas among leading experts, investors and entrepreneurs. These gatherings facilitate collaborative discussions, enabling participants to delve into complex topics, share experiences and forge valuable connections that can propel the industry forward. Add in the integration of diverse perspectives that nurtures a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the longevity sector, and you’re onto a winning event, hopefully one that will ultimately contribute to the acceleration of advancements in this promising field.

The conference’s agenda has been designed to cater to the interests of its diverse attendees, and participants can anticipate engaging breakout discussions, intimate knowledge-sharing breakfasts and novel speaker stations that offer direct interaction with experts. These features are intended to deepen attendees’ understanding of key topics, ranging from biotech investing and longevity venture capital to the future of biohacking and AI in longevity. Other interesting themes include the intersections of luxury and longevity, the burgeoning longevity economy and the latest developments in longevity supplements.

The Startup Showcase is set to be a highlight of the conference; this segment provides a platform for promising longevity startups to present their groundbreaking innovations to an audience of influential investors.

Marc P Bernegger, Cofounder of Longevity Investors, emphasized the significance of this showcase: “For our crowd of investors, the startup showcase is always a highlight. By bringing passionate entrepreneurs together with our esteemed guests, we aim to channel more capital into longevity research and innovative companies.”

This year, four pioneering companies will present their advancements:

  • Mogling Bio, which is developing pharmacological approaches to rejuvenate aged stem cells.
  • Kyttaro Therapeutics, focusing on clinical applications of genetically modified mesenchymal stem cells for treating diseases with high unmet clinical needs.
  • MetaShape Pharma, aiming to reverse aging effects on fat cells with their drug MS 001, potentially effective across multiple indications.
  • Propion (AKA How to Slow Time, Inc), targeting the gut microbiome’s relationship with overall health to decelerate the aging process.

Innovative startups in the fields of longevity, rejuvenation and wellness are encouraged to apply for the Startup Showcase by July 15th and grab this opportunity to present their ventures to a captive audience.

Bryan Johnson presents to a packed audience at LIC 2023

The conference also boasts an impressive roster of speakers, including David Sinclair, Nir Barzilai, Andrea Maier, Eric Verdin, Laura Deming, Aubrey de Grey and Bryan Johnson; more names are set to be released over the coming weeks.

Reflecting on the unique setup of the conference, Bernegger said: “Many investors are joining the longevity space and there are many exciting investment opportunities. The special setup of our conference enables not only knowledge exchange but also effective community building and networking between investors.”

His business partner, Dr Tobias Reichmuth, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the sector’s vast potential: “The longevity industry will be one of the biggest investment opportunities over the next decade and we are very proud to have many of the leading key opinion leaders with us in Gstaad. The longevity industry is experiencing great momentum and this is the ideal time to use it in favor of educating and spreading information to investors.”

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Photographs courtesy of Longevity Investors Conference