InVivo launches new platform for antiaging R&D

InVivo Biosystems’ new analysis platform aims to accelerate product development timelines and increase consumer confidence in claims of improved outcomes via scientific validation.

InVivo Biosystems, who specialise in genetic small animal model creation and in vivo testing, has announced the launch of its new InVivo Longevity Platform to analyse the effects of compounds on lifespan, healthspan, and transcriptional changes related to aging for the burgeoning antiaging market.

The company has already worked with a range of clients in recent months testing the new platform using a simple non-vertebrate model. A key advantage of the new service, claims InVivo, is the ability to provide scientific evidence to back up products’ marketing and IP claims with a rapid timeline.

Longevity.Technology: Health-conscious consumers are looking for products that deliver the advertised benefits of what they say they can do – concerns borne out by our survey on longevity supplements. Using the proprietary InVivo Longevity Platform helps firms assess product performance by generating concrete efficacy data. The platform aims to ensure accuracy, reproducibility and robust conclusions by combining continuous automated data collection of lifespan metrics and genetic analysis. On average, a project can be completed in less than five months, from ideation to final report.

“The new Platform helps companies prioritize development pipelines by giving them actionable, quantitative information about how candidate formulations combat ageing and age-related conditions,” said Matt Beaudet, Chief Executive Officer, InVivo Biosystems. “Using the best non-vertebrate model for longevity and healthspan studies, InVivo Longevity Platform specializes in giving clients a full picture of how each compound or test article impacts several key pieces of the ageing puzzle.”

The InVivo Biosystems team.

InVivo is addressing the product validation needs of the age-tech and longevity industry that has expanded into a massive marketplace with expectation for the number to grow three-fold by 2050 and with the nutraceutical product market projected to grow from US$ 267.4 billion in 2019 to US$ 404.8 billion by 2025.

The new InVivo Longevity Platform includes the following services:
● Lifespan and Healthspan Analysis: produces lifespan and healthspan measurements by automatically monitoring survival, morphology and movement in simple animal models.
● Pathway Analysis: identifies the pathways that contribute to the observed lifespan extension using or whole transcriptome sequencing (WTS), providing targeted insights including patentable information about the MoA.
● Compound Assessment: determines a compound’s ability to extend lifespan and healthspan.

The new InVivo Longevity Platform will inform product development teams on the impact of the compound formulation on lifespan, the activity level and muscle use throughout senescence and the underlying Mechanism of Action (MoA).

InVivo hope that clients will use the service to help them find the best formulations and to substantiate product claims with real data.

“We were able to get the data we needed to proceed with product development within our timeline and budget. We trust the data and findings provided by InVivo Biosystems, which are shared with our customers and distributors,” says Dr David Vollmer, Chief Scientific Officer at 4Life Research, LLC.

Speaking to Longevity.Technology about how the longevity space will benefit from the new platform, InVivo CEO Matt Beaudet said: “As the longevity nutraceutical and therapeutic market has grown, so has the underlying need for data that substantiates product claims. Our clients need information about how their formulations affect not just lifespan, but also the complex interplay of mitochondrial stress, oxidative stress, genetic predisposition, transcriptional changes during aging.

“Our new Platform provides actionable scientific data that helps companies file important patent protections, prioritize development pipelines, and prove benefits to consumers. The InVivo Longevity Platform gives clients a full picture of how their formulations impact several key pieces of the ageing puzzle.”

Images courtesy of InVivo Biosystems