Ireland – the new European longevity hotspot

New summit aims to create societal change and sustainable economic growth for exploding longevity sector.

There is a new hotspot for longevity – and it’s being brewed in Ireland. The Emerald Isle is home to an unrivalled number of the world’s leading life science and biotech companies already, and the longevity community is getting ready to launch Ireland this September as the next hotbed for longevity science, research and investment.

Longevity.Technology: The Longevity Summit Dublin promises on its website “to make history”, and after months on pandemic-induced Zoom, Ireland is set to be a key focus with this year’s Longevity Summit.

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Ireland has been a firm favourite with researchers and science organisations carrying out clinical trials, since the adoption of the Clinical Trials Regulation by the European Commission in July 2012; the aim of the new regulation was to simplify and harmonise the way in which clinical trials are authorised and regulated in the EU. It started replacing the previous clinical trials regime in October 2021, following a three year transitional period which started in October 2018.

The Longevity Summit Dublin promises on its website "to make history", and after months on pandemic-induced Zoom, Ireland is set to be a key focus with this year's Longevity Summit.

Life sciences and biotech companies thriving in Ireland include the top ten global biopharma companies and fifteen of the top twenty-five medtech companies – a rather impressive figure for an island with a population less than 6 million. The list includes a number of founded in Ireland, such as ICON plc, as well as leading multinationals, such as
Medtronic Pharmaceuticals and Alkermes plc, which have, in recent years, chosen Ireland as their global base.

“The continued growth and future potential of the longevity sector and tech based economy in Ireland, is a main goal for hosting the Longevity Summit Dublin and bringing the best of the global community together,” states CEO Martin O Dea.

The existing life science sector is supported by the continued focus and investment of
the Irish Government, state agencies (in particular IDA Ireland), academic and research
institutions and the investment community. As a committed member of the EU and eurozone, Ireland offers an attractive value proposition for life sciences and longevity-based companies doing business in the EU in a post-Brexit marketplace.

In addition to these attractive incentives, Ireland has made a compelling bid to host the European Medicines Agency in the aftermath of Brexit. A favourable decision in this regard will further bolster Ireland’s position as the location of choice for longevity and life sciences companies seeking access to the EU single market.

The principal regulator for the life sciences and biotech Industry in Ireland is the Health Products Regulatory Authority (the HPRA); the HPRA boasts an International Reputation for regulatory compliance.

Stay tuned for interviews and additional event coverage – with a programme packed with heavy hitters (Aubrey de Grey, Mike West, Matthew O’Connor, Brian Kennedy, Oliver Zolman, Andrea Maier, David Gobel, Alexey Strygin, Jim Mellon…) and a Welcome Gala, Dublin is definitely a date for the diary!

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Photograph: Luciann Photography/Pexels