It’s time to establish gold standards in longevity medicine

Kicking off at the Buck Institute, inaugural International Roundtable of Longevity Clinics aims to shape the future of longevity medicine.

The International Institute of Longevity, in partnership with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, holds the inaugural International Roundtable of Longevity Clinics today. The event signifies a major advancement in shaping the future of longevity medicine.

Longevity.Technology: The inaugural International Roundtable of Longevity Clinics brings together the world’s most prominent clinics to spearhead the cutting-edge trends and scientific knowledge in the field of healthspan extension. In recent years, the field of longevity has witnessed significant growth, with the emergence of longevity clinics, diagnostics, and interventions. However, there are currently no established gold standards for these practices – it’s time to change that.

The Roundtable aims to establish a recurring forum for the world’s leading longevity clinics to discuss the latest trends, diagnostics and interventions in the field. This gathering is aiming at identifying gold standards in longevity medicine diagnostics and interventions, fostering global collaboration and sharing innovative approaches to extend healthspan and improve quality of life; it also aims to identify effective diagnostics and recommendations for longevity-focused interventions, supplements and therapies.

The event boasts a stellar lineup of speakers, including:

  • Kenneth H Cooper, MD, MPH – Founder and Chairman, Cooper Aerobics
  • Dean Ornish, MD – Founder & CEO, Ornish Lifestyle Medicine
  • Mark Hyman, MD – Founder & Senior Advisor, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine
  • David A Sinclair AO, PhD – Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
  • David Karow, MD, PhD – President and Chief Innovation Officer, Human Longevity, Inc
  • Dr Mike Roizen – Chief Wellness Officer emeritus, Cleveland Clinic
  • Dr Eric Verdin, MD – CEO, Buck Institute for Research on Aging
  • Joanna Bensz – Founder and CEO, Longevity Center, International Institute of Longevity
  • Professor Andrea B Maier, MD – CHI Longevity, Healthy Longevity Medicine Society

The Roundtable is tailored for leaders and practitioners in longevity medicine, suppliers, medical doctors and businesses invested in the longevity sector. As well as providing an opportunity to connect with prominent longevity clinics, suppliers and experts, the Roundtable will promote discussions about cutting-edge, scientifically backed practices in longevity, and seek to define excellence in longevity testing and interventions.

Longevity.Technology has also released the raw answers from our recent survey on longevity clinics. While a deeper analysis and narrative will be shared in early 2024, we wanted to make our data available to the Roundtable so they can form part of discussions at today’s event, feeding into the development of standards for longevity clinics.