It’s time to tackle aging like a pro

Turning longevity up to 11, this supplement aims to extend lifespan and improve healthspan.

With so many antiaging ingredients demonstrating longevity potential, trying to improve healthspan can be a pill-popping, tablet-chewing time vampire. Enter LongevityPro from International Antiaging Systems, a specialised nutritional support agent that boasts 11 different key antiaging ingredients in one capsule.

Longevity.Technology Sponsored Content: Taking inspiration from animal studies that demonstrate life extension possibilities, International Antiaging Systems has combined a range of natural ingredients into LongevityPro™ so that individuals can take advantage of their protective qualities in a convenient form. With the longevity supplements marketplace starting to feel busy, we caught up with IAS to find out what they feel sets LongevityPro apart from the herd.

LongevityPro has 11 different ingredients. Some of them (resveratrol, curcumin, quercetin) are well-known for their benefits, but IAS has designed LongevityPro to work on various different pathways of aging for maximum effect, and it’s worth having a closer look at some of the lesser known names found on the label.

Trametes versicolor – a Chinese mushroom with potent immune enhancing properties [1].

L-Carnosine – a di-peptide shown to be an effective anti-glycation substance, reducing cell protein damage and cross-linking, and also assists in ensuring efficient mitochondrial function [2].

Passiflora incarnata – contains flavonoid components that help to prevent abnormal hormone action by binding to estrogen receptors and thereby improving several metabolism pathways. [3]

I3C (indole-3-carbinol) – an extract from cruciferous vegetables, it has anti-estrogenic effects and can inhibit the adhesion, motility and invasiveness of some cell lines [4].

Phosphatidylcholine – a component of all cell membranes, it influences apoptosis and could protect against senescence [5]

Phosphatidylserine – part of the inner-cell membrane structure, it is key in the maintenance of healthy cellular function [6].

Selenium – a significant stimulator and modulator for the immune system, selenium has been shown to have protective properties in both in-vitro and in-vivo studies [7]. Another significant factor for selenium’s beneficial actions may be related to its ability to ‘deactivate’ the toxin mercury by binding to it [8].

“Many folks are well aware of agents such as resveratrol, curcumin and quercetin, etc,” IAS told Longevity.Technology. “Now all these, plus many more, are contained in the LP capsule, thus saving time and money.”

The multiple agents in LongevityPro act in different ways meaning myriad pathways are impacted.

“These include reduced inflammation, enhancement of free radical scavengers (antioxidants) to combat oxidation, reduction of estrogen and improved androgen balances, reduction of cross-linked proteins and improved insulin resistance, plus enhanced immunity with antiviral activity,” explains IAS.

Of course, many life extension studies are on animals, so longevity benefits can’t be answered with 100% certainty for humans, but IAS is optimistic.

“To date the individual agents have been trialed in recent animal studies,” IAS explains. “However, in their cases some of the agents within LP extended both their average lifespans and improved their healthspans, evidenced by the trial recording more energy, more activity and more sexual behaviour in older life.”

IAS says that reduced inflammation, improved hormonal balances, greater immunity and a feeling of well-being are just some of the benefits of taking LongevityPro.

“LP is a protective agent that provides improved immunity and reduction of various destructive pathways,” IAS told us. “Especially for those concerned with metabolic disorders, LP can provide considerable support to aid the speed of recovery and improve outcomes.

“We see increasing numbers of people taking their health seriously, especially post-pandemic, People are waking up to the benefits of supplementation; even if you have a great diet, you need to ensure you are really equipping your body with key antiaging compounds. Everyone is busy, so we’ve done the research and hand-picked the best ingredients so our customers can spend less time worrying about what to take and more time fighting aging and extending their future.”

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