Jinfiniti – testing your NAD levels at home and beyond

Testing in is the new testing out and Jinfiniti’s intracellular test is an easy way to find out your NAD levels.

Technology is making home diagnostics faster, more efficient and easier. The global pandemic has focussed attention on this sector, with home COVID-19 becoming a regular feature of many of our lives.

And it’s not only C19; blood samples, cholesterol levels, glucose levels, cholesterol, asthma and COPD can all now be tested or monitored at home. Home diagnostic kits come packed with cutting-edge technology, apps and Internet of Things (IoT) integration, making them sophisticated diagnosis tools.

What is NAD?

NAD is one of the most important molecules in all living cells, playing a key role in the regulation of almost all fundamental biological processes. It plays a vital role in metabolism by helping the cells mitochondria convert food and oxygen into energy and is essential in maintaining proper neurological and organ health, and for repairing and maintaining our DNA.

However, NAD levels decline with age; this depletion effects all the hallmarks of aging and is linked to age-related diseases. Aging and other stressors, such as a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol consumption, excess food and sleep disruption, cause NAD levels to decline.

Weight loss and exercise can help to increase NAD expression and activity of NAD-synthesising enzymes. Taking an NAD precursor like NMN can also elevate levels of NAD, but how do you know what your NAD levels are, and how much you should supplement? This is where testing comes in.

Dr Xin-Jiong She, the founder of Jinfiniti
Dr Jin-Xiong She, founder of Jinfiniti

Testing your NAD levels

Jinfiniti offers two different NAD tests: circulating NAD and intracellular NAD. The circulating NAD is based on measuring NAD in serum, which means the sample has to be out of your arm and into Jinfiniti’s lab in the US in 24-48 hours.

Wanting to bring easy NAD testing to a wider audience, Jinfiniti has launched a second and new NAD test that measures NAD level inside the cells; any cells can be measured, but this test focuses on blood cell NAD for consumers.

Ordered online, the test is done with dried blood spots (DBS) on filter paper using procedures similar to the newborn screening programmes. Jinifiniti send you a finger stick kit and a blood collection specimen card so you can easily collect your blood at home and mail it back to their lab. The process will, they hope, help guide your NAD supplementation by helping you find the right brand, dosage and strategy to optimise your NAD levels.

The Jinfiniti protocol allows preservation of NAD at room temperature for weeks, solving the major problem associated with the rapid degradation of NAD at room temperature. These is now available worldwide where laws permit shipping of biological samples to the US.

A straightforward NAD test

We spoke to Dr Jin-Xiong She, the founder of Jinfiniti about the new test.
“The test is ideal for consumers to evaluate their NAD level relative to the human population in different age groups, and more importantly providing an easy method for them to monitor the outcome/success of their NAD supplementation or therapy,” he told us. “Since our assay is automated, high throughput, affordable, and reproducible, it also provides an efficient tool for scientists to study NAD in disease and health at the population level.”

Image credits: Artem PodrezPexels and Jinfiniti

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