Jinfiniti’s Startup Showcase success drives collaboration

Jinfiniti, NetraMark and Scarlette Lillie will explore the role psilocybin can play for age-related diseases.

Augusta University spin-out Jinfiniti was our first Startup Showcase, and they are already building on that success, announcing a collaboration with AI experts Netramark and Red Light Holland’s science division, Scarlette Lillie Science and Innovation to explore the potential roles that psilocybin and truffles can play for age-related and psychiatric disorders.

Longevity.Technology: We’ll accept some matchmaking credit as Jinfiniti’s exposure in Startup Showcase played a part helped bring these players together. Jinfiniti’s CEO, Dr She is on a roll, reporting: “Visits to our website and engagement with Jinfiniti across our social channels have grown exponentially as a result of our Longevity Showcase … Since engaging with First Longevity and committing to their Longevity Showcase we have had considerable Investor interest … Product sales and the enquiry pipeline have continued to grow following our Showcase on Longevity.Technology.”

You can find out more on Startup Showcase here: we have another going live tomorrow!
Jinfiniti’s key product is its AgingSOS testing kit, which measures nine key blood biomarkers to provide a detailed overview of a person’s aging health. AgingSOS is quick, in terms of results delivery and this, coupled with its price point, means the collaboration will be able to evaluate the potential for psilocybin treatments to a new level of detail, potentially leading to novel treatments for several disorders.

“We are pleased to work with Scarlette Lillie, and we are excited to add this special dimension to their clinical study explorations as they emerge,” says Dr Jin-Xiong She, CEO of Jinfiniti [1].

Psilocybin is hallucinogenic chemical produced by more than 100 species of mushrooms worldwide. Due to its high affinity for several serotonin receptors in numerous areas of the brain, research has indicated positive implications in mental health therapy. In fact, in 2018 the FDA designated psilocybin therapy as a “Breakthrough Therapy”, meaning the process of drug development and review was accelerated [2].

Dr Joseph Geraci, CEO of NetraMark, is bringing his company’s data-set AI wizardry to the collaboration.

“The idea that psilocybin and truffles have deep physiological and medicinal effects that go beyond psychiatric applications is not new, but as a scientist, Scarlette Lillie is allowing me to truly explore whole new markets, with a rigorous biomarker panel,” Dr Geraci says. “Additionally, this work has the potential to help us understand if there are unknown mechanisms at play for neurological and psychiatric disorders [1].”

“When you see brilliant scientists like Dr Joseph Geraci and Dr Jin-Xiong She, a professor at Augusta University, show this much excitement, it gets me really excited!” says Todd Shapiro, CEO and Director of Red Light Holland. “I’ve always made it very clear that as a company we take Science and Innovation very seriously. This is just another example of Scarlette Lillie moving forward intelligently with world-class experts to hopefully help be a part of positive change [1].”

You can find out more on Startup Showcase here.
[1] https://bit.ly/3iDT9IP
[2] https://bit.ly/3nsHdNV