Jobs in longevity? Your new career starts here

Announcing our new ‘jobs in longevity’ system and international ‘executive search’ service.

As many of us enter a long-weekend there’ll be some downtime to consider future career options: boom, the Longevity.Technology jobs board is now live.

Longevity.Technology: With roles in life sciences across all disciplines from research to lab-based work and non-scientific roles including accounting, sales, marketing, software engineering and operations what are you waiting for?

We’re hiring at Longevity.Technology too: we have three roles available for experts in digital marketing, scientific market research, and a great sales role for a budding intern.

It’s super easy to apply for jobs in longevity:

You can apply on a one-off basis or, if you prefer, create your own resume and store it on our systems to submit job applications in one-click. You can login to your dashboard to update your resume at any time.

It’s super easy to post a new role:

For employers it’s very quick to post jobs too: simply login to your dashboard and go to the ‘Post a job’ page, enter the details of your role, preview, then submit; we check that the job posting is good-to-go before posting to the live job board.

Managing applicants is intuitive and easy:

Jobs that you have posted are accessible from your dashboard when logged-in. From the dashboard you will be able to review all inbound job applications, score and respond directly to applicants from the portal – it’s a great management tool for busy HR and management execs to shortlist and secure the right person.

We also have a ‘Remote’ category in the ‘Country’ field so you can embrace new working practices too: simply scroll to the bottom of the list to find it.

Looking for leadership and executive expertise?

If you are looking for seasoned biotech executives, professional CEOs or key members to build out your c-suite – our internationally connected search experts are ready to help: wherever your HQ is located.

We have an extensive network and reach to support companies and their investors within the longevity sector in securing the best talent to deliver results.

Longevity.Technology Search is an executive search service (both interim and permanent) that covers commercial, scientific and operational hires in the UK, EU, USA (and shortly Asia Pacific) – we’re here for organisations at all stages of growth: from start-ups to mega-corps.

Email us in complete confidentiality to discuss your Executive Search needs:

Good luck bagging that role: there are growing numbers of jobs in longevity!