Journalism Matters Week: We’re doing our bit!

2020 has been an incredible year. For journalists, and a huge number of other professions, it has been one of the biggest periods of transition: we’re super-optimistic.

Journalism Matters Week runs from October 5 to 11, and we thought today would be an appropriate day to reflect on our journey so far. We launched in September 2019 and have witnessed phenomenal growth in our readership (thank-you) and activity within the Longevity communities: researchers, start-ups, scale-ups, policy-makers and investors (you guys are busy!).

The majority of our work has transitioned online and we look forward to the days when we can meet interviewees face-to-face again, but we’ve also found that it has been easier to access great people to share their stories – mostly with video switched on (you look great – what’s your Longevity regimen or is that ‘Touch up my appearance’?).

On Friday, the Longevity2020 online conference drew to a close, and the final day explored what people can be doing today to address their Longevity
Longevity 2020: The audience view.

We were proud to develop and run Longevity 2020, a week-long online event of presentations for scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors in the Longevity industry back in April, when virtual conferences were still in their infancy. We moved fast and we’re pleased to say that we’re continuing with a new event in December – we’re promising a new approach to help you with your Zoom-fatigue!

Longevity 2020: Last day, last speaker (Zoltan): behind the velvet curtain!

We’ve covered breaking news, written in-depth features, launched LongevityTV, created Startup Showcases and interviewed many of Longevity’s biggest hitters; we have big plans on stepping-up content into new domains over the coming months.

We wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of our readers, to whom we are incredibly grateful.

We want to make a difference to the field of Longevity, to spread knowledge about how people can live healthier, longer lives and to report on what science, industry and governments are doing to progress and embrace Longevity.

All of the articles you read on Longevity.Technology are written by experienced journalists and vetted by the editorial team before publication. We would be foolish to promise a 100% error-free news service, but we can do everything we can to stay straight (assisted by two office dogs).

Office dog #2: Teddy – known to start barking just as Zoom interviews commence.

If you ever see something you don’t like on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Phil Newman, Editor-in-Chief.

A big ‘thank-you’ to our investors, to our advisory panel, and to our growing team: Go long!

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