Juvenescence and Buck Institute set the (ke)tone for metabolism and ketosis research

Dr Brianna Stubbs discusses ketosis research and a new webinar that features leading experts in the ketone metabolism research field.

Earlier this week, we brought you the news that a new study has found that the active ingredient in Juvenescence’s Metabolic Switch induces ketosis, the metabolic state often shortened to keto in which the body burns fat for energy rather than carbohydrates.

Longevity.Technology: The science of ketosis promises lucrative opportunities in a wide range of therapeutic areas, and the global keto market is expected to rise to $14.75 billion by 2027. To explore ketosis and its opportunities, Juvenescence is bringing together the leading experts in the ketone metabolism research field for a panel discussion on the revolution happening with ketones and the direction the research is leading the key players in this space. The webinar will cover how ketones can modulate fundamental aspects of human physiology, including glucose metabolism, brain function and heart health, and to find out more, we caught up with Brianna Stubbs, PhD, Lead Translational Scientist at The Buck Institute for Research on Aging and and a world expert in exogenous ketone metabolism and its implications for performance, resilience and healthspan.

Read about diet, biohacking or weight loss and the word keto is bound to pop-up. However, ketosis more than a gimmick – rather it is important as it is natural metabolic state that has mechanisms directly impacting hallmarks of aging. This is backed up by preclinical and preliminary clinical data that support its benefits in multiple indications.

Dr Brianna Stubbs discusses ketosis research and a new webinar that features leading experts in the ketone metabolism research field.

The science of ketosis speaks for itself says Brianna Stubbs, PhD. “Ketones have pleiotropic biological effects,” she says. “Ketones act either as an oxidative fuel source, bypassing age-related defects in glucose metabolism and as a signaling metabolite, activating receptors, modulating epigenetics and post translational protein modifications amongst other things.”

With that in mind, how can regular ketosis have a positive impact on our healthspan? Stubbs explains that making healthy choices with diet and exercise is the foundation of a healthier, longer life, but most people don’t eat in a pattern that would lead to ketosis naturally, or if they do, they find it a difficult lifestyle to maintain or can’t generate high enough levels of ketones in their blood.

“If we believe the hypothesis that ketones have direct beneficial effects, then periodically using an exogenous source of ketones, such as ketone esters could help to achieve some of the benefits of ketosis without further dietary changes,” she explains.

This brings us back neatly to Juvenescence, which has been researching the development of exogenous ketones that can induce ketosis without dietary changes. Juvenescence Portfolio company, BHB Therapeutics, in partnership with the Buck Institute has developed proprietary ingredient BH-BD, also known as C6 ketone di-ester. Recent research has shown that the beverage form of Metabolic Switch, which contains BH-BD, effectively induces exogenous ketosis in healthy adults at rest, and for Stubbs, the more interest in this field, the better.

“Studying exogenous ketones is exciting as it means that ketone biology could be translated into more people, those who otherwise would not make ketogenic dietary choices,” says Stubbs, explaining that understanding ketosis can empower change towards a healthier lifestyle. “Our research pipeline is focused on understanding the effects of ketones on the background of a mixed diet; this will help us create evidence based guidelines for the population to apply ketones as a part of their health and wellness routine.”

The ketosis market has seen considerable growth in recent years and is showing great promise for a range of applications in health, wellness and possibly also physical and cognitive performance. However, this needs to be backed by research, as Stubbs explains: “I’d like to see the evidence across these benefit areas grow and be substantiated by well powered randomised clinical trials, rather than being based on mechanistic hypotheses or preclinical data.”

Our readers are invited to join Juvenescence on the 10th of May, for a Master Investor webinar, Investing in the Future of Longevity – the Ketone Chapter. The webinar, which features a live Q&A, will explain the science and value of ketosis and features Dr Stubbs and other world-leading academics, who will join Jim Mellon and Greg Bailey to discuss the science, the potential and the returns that can be expected.

“I will be moderating the webinar, we have three world-class panelists who have been working at the bleeding edge of ketone biology for their whole careers,” says Stubbs. “I am excited to hear their insights on the most exciting and impactful applications for ketosis.”

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