KetoSwiss raises $4.8m to boost brain energetics via therapeutic ketosis

Switzerland-based biotech startup KetoSwiss has announced the second closing of its pre-series A round, led by The William K Warren Foundation, bringing the total funding raised by the company to $4.8 million. Other investors in the round include R42 Group, which finances deep science ventures with a focus on longevity, and Healthspan Capital, a venture fund investing in longevity biotech and regenerative medicine.

KetoSwiss is developing pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals to improve brain energetics. While the company’s initial focus is on migraine, it also has brain aging and neurodegenerative diseases firmly in its sights. The KetoSwiss web site states: “in later stages of development, our portfolio can be extended to other neurological diseases characterized by metabolic dysfunction, such as Alzheimer’s Disease.”

The company’s lead nutraceutical product is centered on an endogenous metabolite – a ketone body that can be used by the brain as an alternative fuel to glucose when glucose use or transport is compromised. KetoSwiss says it combines this ketone body with “crucial micronutrients necessary for the brain’s energy metabolism.”

In addition to supporting continued R&D and clinical development, KetoSwiss says the funding will be used to support the US launch of its first migraine product, under its Brain Ritual brand.

“We’re very happy to be able to close this round with a substantial capital increase that will be crucial for launch-related activities, but also R&D and further team expansion,” said Dr Elena Gross, founder and CEO of KetoSwiss.

Photograph: KetoSwiss