Key longevity stakeholders meet in Davos for Longevity Investors Lunch

Longevity takes the stage once again on the streets of Davos during this year’s World Economic Forum.

As the world pursues the goal of healthy aging, longevity was once again a topic of discussion at the World Economic Forum.

The Longevity Investors Lunch, a satellite event dedicated to exploring longevity and
rejuvenation, convened during the WEF on 16 January, The event focused on the hallmarks of longevity, brain longevity, longevity supplements and the synergy between AI and longevity.

The gathering brought together prominent scientists, academics, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss the latest technologies and research in the field. Co-organized by Maximon and Longevity Investors, the event served as a prelude to the upcoming Longevity Investors Conference scheduled for 24-27 September, at Le Grand Bellevue Hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Longevity.Technology: It is a testament to the acceleration of the field that this event was, say the organizers, “completely oversubscribed”. As longevity increasingly shapes the global economy, the sector is unlocking opportunities worth trillions of dollars and offering the potential to transform societies positively. That the Longevity Investors Lunch saw more than 60 investors and influential thought leaders come together, showcases the remarkable progress achieved in the field.

Maximon used the event to launch an additional investment vehicle for its Co-Investment Fund targeting qualified investors; the longevity company builder has already set up a Co Investment Fund with a target volume of CHF 100 million.

Biologist and author of Ageless, Dr Andrew Steele gave a talk on The hallmarks of longevity: a framework for science, investing and regulation, in which he revealed how understanding the scientific implications of ageing could lead to the greatest revolution in the history of medicine – one that has the potential to improve lives, save money, and transform the human condition.

Key longevity stakeholders meet in Davos for Longevity Investors Lunch

The three panels, moderated by Sabinije von Gaffke (Head of Sustainability, Nibiru Software) and Hans Keirstead, PhD (Chairman of the Board, Immunis) covered the following topics: unlocking the secrets of brain longevity, exploring the world of longevity supplements and also the latest developments in longevity and AI. The discussions on stage featured renowned experts and prominent longevity venture builders such as Evelyne Yehudit Bischof, MD, PhD, MPH (Director, Sheba Longevity Center), Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD (Founder and CEO, Insilico Medicine), Rajiv Ahuja, JD (Associate Director, Milken Institute Future of Aging), Hans Keirstead, PhD (Chairman of the Board, Immunis), Sophie Chabloz (Co-Founder and CPO, Avea), Dr Emil Kendziorra (Founder and CEO at Tomorrow Biostasis) and Nika Pintar (Chief, AniBiome).

The hosts of the event, Dr Tobias Reichmuth and Marc P Bernegger (both Co-Founders of Maximon and Longevity Investors) opened the event spotlighting the latest developments in the industry and closed it with a call for immediate company building in the longevity sector.

Key longevity stakeholders meet in Davos for Longevity Investors Lunch

“We are very proud to bring the important topic of longevity to Davos,” says Marc P Bernegger, Founding Partner at Maximon and the organizer of the Longevity Investors Conference in Gstaad. “We are already looking forward to the Longevity Investors Conference, where we will have the opportunity to continue the important conversations we started in Davos and involve more longevity leaders on stage.”

The Longevity Investors Conference takes place in September later this year and early bird tickets will be on sale shortly. An exclusive conference for longevity investors, the conference gathers a selected audience of the most prominent investors in the field with the aim of bringing together academia and business to discuss the latest trends, and opportunities and to provide relevant insights into the longevity and rejuvenation subject.

The motivation to organize the Longevity Investors Conference is very clear for Dr Tobias Reichmuth: “The longevity industry is highly attractive for investors. We state a lack of education and information for investors and want to change this.”

Photographs courtesy of Longevity Investors Lunch