Korify launch new $100 million fund with focus on extending lifespan

Tackling chronic diseases to extend lifespan and improve healthspan.

Korify Capital AG, an investment firm with a strong focus on the biotech sector, has announced a new $100 million fund – Korify Capital One – that will have a focus on longevity.

Longevity.Technology: Switzerland is continuing to show it is a world player when it comes to defeating aging. Korify is an investment arm of the Swiss family office Infinitas Capital, and the new fund is hot on the heels of the $100 million Longevity Co-Investment Fund which launched in October to finance longevity-focused start-up companies launched by company-builder Maximon.

We have also recently seen the launch of a consortium of biotech founders, clinicians and leading longevity research institutions announce the launch of the Longevity Science Foundation. This new Swiss foundation has committed to distributing more than $1 billion over the next ten years to research, institutions and projects advancing healthy human longevity and extending the healthy human lifespan to more than 120 years. Add to these announcements the fact that the UN rated Switzerland the most medically innovative country in the world and they are an antiaging force to be reckoned with.

Writing on its LinkedIn page, Korify said:
“Korify’s focus is to invest in companies that give people the opportunity to live longer, healthier, and happier lives by both preventing and treating age-related diseases and mental illnesses. The new fund is being launched at a time when the biotech sector is transforming rapidly through evolving artificial intelligence and machine learning, leading to diminished costs and a speeding up of vital development processes.”

In an interview to mark the new fund’s launch, Robin Lauber, the cofounder of Infinitas Capital, told Sifted: “I think there is a lot of opportunity in making 70 the new 50, and that includes tackling the chronic diseases that are among the biggest killers of humanity.”

“The current research is expanding our understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying the aging process. We at Korify want to invest in future-oriented medicine that focuses on prevention instead of treatment after the onset of an illness,” said Davide Ottolini, co-founder and partner of Korify Capital. “From our point of view, for example, the response rates observed in the current treatment of psychological problems with pharmacological agents prove to be a major problem. Biomarker-based intervention protocols and completely new treatment methods are intended to remedy this for the benefit of the patients concerned [1].”

Lauber added: “The success of Infinitas is based on a strong ecosystem of venture capitalists, family offices, founders and scientists. This network brings together the brightest minds in our portfolio. We are very pleased to have Korify Capital Launch Fund ONE and strengthen and expand our relationships with Tier 1 VCs [1].”

Last month Korify Capital announced it was part of the $100 investment in Cambrian Biopharma, aiding them “in their mission to build the medicines that will redefine healthcare in the 21st century!

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