L-Nutra lands $47m to advance longevity nutrition tech

Moderna CEO leads new investment in company developing longevity science nutrition programs.

Nutri-technology company L-Nutra has successfully closed the first stage of its Series D fundraising, securing a total of $47 million. The company specializes in longevity science nutrition programs designed to promote healthy living and longevity.

Founded in 2009 by The University of Southern California and Dr Valter Longo, Director of the Longevity Institute at USC, L-Nutra has deep expertise in the science of periodic fasting (fasting for more than two days), which has been found to induce a special stress leading to cellular rejuvenation. The company’s ongoing R&D efforts are focused on the concept that periodic fasting may be used to treat diseases in patients by triggering this survival defense mode.

L-Nutra lands $47m to advance longevity nutrition tech

L-Nutra is the developer of “fasting mimicking technology,” a specific nutritional formulation platform that provides nourishment to the body while keeping cells in a fasting mode – providing many health benefits and enhancement of a biological aging score from periodic fasting.

The investment round was led by Brentwood Associates and Stephane Bancel, the CEO of biotech giant Moderna, best known for its pioneering work in mRNA vaccine development.

“I have been thoroughly impressed by the science led by Dr Valter Longo, and the products that L-Nutra has brought to market based on his research,” said Bancel. “I believe that their first nutri-technology product – the 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet – is an important tool to ensure people can live long and healthy lives. I made this personal investment to help L-Nutra continue its development, and to ensure more people have access to its science-based products.”

L-Nutra lands $47m to advance longevity nutrition tech

L-Nutra has conducted more than 30 clinical trials and has secured 200 worldwide patents. The company has established partnerships with 18 university research centers, allowing it to develop two pipelines aimed at improving human healthspan and addressing age-related diseases: L-Nutra’s ProLon brand focuses on enhancing healthy aging through cellular rejuvenation and improving metabolic health. Meanwhile, L-Nutra Health is designed to enhance the chances of patients’ remission from conditions like diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and cardiovascular ailments through nutrition as medicine.

“We are proud to have the support of Mr Stephane Bancel, one of the most successful biotech leaders of our time, who recently enhanced human longevity with Moderna’s COVID vaccine,” said Dr Joseph Antoun, CEO of L-Nutra. “His personal investment in our company reinforces trust in our cutting-edge science and continued support of our global mission to increase longevity and healthspan across the globe. With Mr Bancel’s financial support, we can continue to expand ProLon across global markets. We will also be able to increase access to our first diabetes remission program, allowing patients to significantly reduce their reliance on medication in many cases.”