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Longevity Investors Conference will spotlight how longevity has moved from niche to mainstream to revolutionary.

Nestled in the exclusive location of Gstaad, The Longevity Investors Conference is the world’s leading and most private longevity-focused investors-only conference. Providing relevant insights into the fast-growing field of longevity, the conference also offers expert education and investment opportunities, as well as fostering excellent networking opportunities.

Longevity.Technology: As the articles on our website document, longevity now ranks as one of the most significant forces shaping the global economy; accelerating year-on-year, the longevity field is opening multi-trillion-dollar opportunities that could reshape societies, revolutionise both preventative and treatment strategies and democratise healthcare.

Longevity has experienced an unprecedented advance over recent years, particularly with the discovery that the rate of aging is controlled, at least to some extent, by genetic pathways and biochemical processes. All this forecasts that longevity will be one of the largest, if not the largest investment opportunity in the decades to come – and what better place to discover, discuss and leverage those opportunities than at the Longevity Investors Conference?

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Longevity Investors Conference will spotlight how longevity has moved from niche to mainstream to revolutionary.

Conference Founding Partner Marc P Bernegger is also one of the founders of Maximon, the successful company-builder that empowers entrepreneurs to build impactful, science-based and scalable companies providing healthy aging and rejuvenation solutions. We were lucky enough to sit down with him to find out more about the Conference, which already has an extremely impressive speaker list.

The leading longevity visionaries attending the conference (David Sinclair, Eric Verdin, Nir Barzilai, George Church, Christian Angermayer, Aubrey de Grey, Michael Greve, Alex Zhavoronkov, Evelyne Bischof, Martin Borch Jensen, Wei-Wu He…) is indicative of the potential of the sector, but also of how the ripples of longevity are spreading.

“When we organized the first “Longevity Investors Conference” two years ago most of these names were still not well known outside of the niche longevity industry and this definitely changed,” says Bernegger.

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LIC is also important for startups, with a few selected showcase startups presenting in Gstaad. “In my view it is important to have passionate entrepreneurs on stage so investors really understand the impact of longevity startups.”

Bernegger explored Bitcoin in 2012 and was a founding shareholder and board member of Crypto Finance Group, which was acquired by Deutsche Boerse in 2021. The worlds of crypto and longevity are colliding, something Bernegger feels will be mutually beneficial; he teases that LIC is set to have a dedicated panel about “crypto meets longevity” during its next conference – more details will be shared soon, he says.

Another exciting part of LIC is the final of the Longevity Prize. The Maximon Longevity Prize for Translational Research awards outstanding breakthrough research in the field of longevity that can be translated for clinical or non-clinical applications and has the potential to substantially increase health span or life span of humans.

​The award focuses on research that already has a proof of concept in pre-clinical lab studies to have a significant impact on the health optimisation or longevity.

“The Prize will be a highlight of our conference,” says Bernegger, adding that the Maximon is still open for applications.

LIC takes place at Le Grand Bellevue in Gstaad. “This is one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe and was just awarded as the best 5 star hotel in Switzerland,” says Bernegger. “So, we have the best setting to welcome high level investors from all over the world for an intimate gathering.”

As mentioned above, the increasing number of longevity investing opportunities is helping to democratise and personalise healthcare, and Bernegger says that although it is clear that there are many exciting new longevity-related products and services which are still quite expensive today, some are becoming more accessible for the broader masses.

“The more money from investors that is going into longevity related research and companies, the faster this development will take place,” he says. “One of the main ideas behind our “Longevity Investors Conference” is to accelerate these developments and build a bridge to high class investors and their money.”

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