Longenesis partners with medical device company Medtronic

LongeVC portfolio company Longenesis announces partnership with Medtronic, a leading medical device company.

Latvia-based Longenesis, a company founded by LongeVC and Insilico Medicine, among others, has announced a partnership with medical device company Medtronic. In addition, Longenesis is set to collaborate with diabetes patient organisations in piloting a digital patient-centric approach for patient engagement into research and data-driven advocacy initiatives.

Longevity.Technology: Patients only have a vague understand of their role in the  research process and clinical trials. An individual approach can foster engagement and encourage participation, speeding up initiatives that could improve lifespan and healthspan. Clinical trials are beset with obstacles and delays, and making patient recruitment and assessment speedier and more efficient could be a literal lifesaver. The Longenesis platform works with biomedical organisations to reduce the length of clinical trials by enabling direct communication for safe data curation, ensuring compliant, consent-enabled biomedical data is available for research. 

Longenesis CEO and co-founder Sergey Jakimov, in an earlier interview with Longevity.Technology, said that the time is right to foster engagement with longevity.
“We are now living in an era of conscious engagement with longevity,” he told us. “If you look around, you see people wearing fitness bracelets, you see people tracking their heart rates, you see people gathering and aggregating vast amounts of data around them. So it’s a great time to back these technologies because people are more ready than ever to adopt something longevity related.”

Longenesis plans to tackle the patient non-engagement problem by introducing a new digital solution, which, it hopes will promote a smoother flow through dynamic patient identification, digital onboarding and follow-up communication using Longenesis flagship products Engage and Curator.

“With a multi-stakeholder approach, Longenesis aims to scale this concept within the EU framework and present the results achieved by our solutions to academic and industrial partners worldwide,” says Emil Syundyukov, CTO of Longenesis. “Longenesis aims to bring opportunities to the industry for robust and patient-centric research and apply it universally among multiple disease groups, regions, and institutions [1].

The new collaboration with Medtronic and patient advocacy bodies in Latvia aims to provide patient advocates, investigators, and industrial stakeholders with a better understanding of what is happening outside of the clinical disease setting. Through the engagement solutions, patient organisations and investigators take part in data insight generation, necessary for efficient advocacy efforts.

“Longenesis seeks to empower both study sponsors and patients to engage in compliant biomedical research and information exchange,” Sergey Jakimov told Longevity.Technology. “A deployment with Medtronic clearly demonstrates how a major biomedical player can easily shape and engage diabetic patients in order to better understand the quality of life, medication, and other vital metrics. Most importantly, it empowers the patient and prioritizes patient-centricity, which should be, undoubtedly, the cornerstone of future biomedical research.”

“Preparation and execution of type 1 diabetes research and advocacy project is Medtronic’s first cooperation with Longenesis,” says the representative of the Medtronic Baltic office. “We highly value the professional attitude, friendly communication, and efficient and quick work of the team to prepare and execute the research project. The digital approach and tools used by Longenesis for this project have greatly impacted the speed of patient enrolment, are easy to use by participants and researchers, and comply with the highest standards of safety, data protection and are participant-centric [1].”

The pilot project is focused on ensuring the highest privacy standards and easy-to-use consent management that would earn patients’ trust and raise engagement for future projects. The digital approach to patient engagement reduces the time and costs of the research and advocacy initiative while making it more accessible; this leads to more representative cohorts in trials and better, more useful results.

“Longenesis provides a unique blend of enabling study sponsors to identify, access, and engage patients for clinical research, preserving privacy and data-stays-local principle at the same time,” says Ilya Suharenko, MP of LongeVC. “It puts the company in a unique position of having a strong value proposition both for biopharma and healthcare stakeholders [1].”

There was more good news for Longenesis this week, as they scooped €10,000 by winning the Fifty Founders Battle pitch competition at TechChill 2021.

Marili Merendi, Principal at Karma Ventures, one of the judges, said: “It was a tough decision for the jury. We considered the long-term impact, clarity of value proposition to the target customers and stakeholders involved, as well as uniqueness. Of these parameters, Longenesis came out as the Fifty Founder Battle winner [2].”

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Image courtesy of Longenesis