Longevity 1.0 – new book seeks to define Longevity

“Global finance has reached a crossroads where it must decide how to approach the issue of a global aging population – either as a threat or a multi-trillion dollar opportunity.”

We recently spoke to Margaretta Colangelo, co-founder and managing partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures, about Longevity, AgeTech and her new book, Longevity Industry 1.0: Defining the Biggest and Most Complex Industry in Human History.

You can read our interview here, but we thought this new book deserved some space of its own.

Longevity 1.0, co-authored with Dmitry Kaminskiy, covers new segments of the rising Longevity Industry, including Longevity Politics, Governance, the Longevity Financial Industry and is divided into four broad sections: Mega Complexity; Policy & Governance; Financial Industry; and Science & Biomedicine.

In the book’s preface, Colangelo writes: “Today, change occurs at the intersection of two or more scientific and technological domains. We are at the beginning of a trend where the degree of complexity and the number of convergence points will increase exponentially.

The convergence of AI, advanced data science, and Longevity research will accelerate important medical breakthroughs that will benefit all humans. I know that advanced technologies can save lives. I know this because advanced technologies saved my life. I’m actually an early adopter of life extension technology.

Margaretta Colangelo
Longevity Industry 1.0 – Margaretta Colangelo & Dmitry Kaminsky

“In the next decade, the Longevity Industry will impact many areas of our lives. Longevity policies enacted by governments and changes in the financial industry will transform society. Longevity companies that prove capable of achieving tangible results will become the next Googles, and investment firms that invest in those companies will become the SoftBanks and Vision Funds of tomorrow.

Achieving small but practical results in Longevity distributed at scale will have enormous and multiplicative effects on society. Extending the functional lifespan of humans by just one year will decrease suffering for tens of millions of people and will improve the quality of life for billions of people [1].”

Colangelo says of the Longevity Economy: “Healthy Longevity will reshape the global financial system and disrupt the business models of pension funds, insurance companies, banks, investment firms, and entire national economies.

The financial industry is pivotal to the Longevity industry because global finance has reached a crossroads where it must decide how to approach the issue of a global aging population – either as a threat or a multi-trillion dollar opportunity.

“Novel financial systems including age friendly Longevity Bank, Longevity Investment Index, and a specialized Longevity Stock Exchange will spawn a whole new industry, the capitalization of which could exceed anything ever conceived of by financial markets [1].”

Advance copies of the book have been well received; António Simões Pinheiro, Director, Banco Português de Gestão, Portugal, said: “Longevity, the final frontier… Aging is quickly becoming one of two – the other being climate change – critical factors for a possible mass extinction event. Longevity is not about the mere pursuit of immortality, but about achieving a new paradigm where Science, Politics, Finance and Technology intersect to build a brave new world.

“In their breaking ground new book Longevity Industry 1.0 – Defining the Biggest and Most Complex Industry in Human History, Margaretta Colangelo and Dmitry Kaminskiy distill the complexity of the Longevity Industry and remarkably demonstrate how aging issues and living longer can be addressed by easing the emotional and physical suffering and articulating a path toward a better and more inclusive world.”

Andrew Bogle, Managing Director, Reva Capital Markets, said: “Longevity is the most complex, important, and impactful field, and the biggest business opportunity of this century! Thankfully Margaretta Colangelo and Dmitry Kaminskiy, the ideal people to distill this information to its essence, have done so in their new book Longevity Industry 1.0.

“They are experts and thought leaders in this massive field and they understand the time is now to open the gates to help everyone understand the importance and the possibilities that await us all to have longer, healthier, and higher-quality lives.”