Longevity based on research, education and transparency

New product, new tools, new people – NOVOS scales up to enhance solutions that address the hallmarks of aging.

NOVOS, a provider of longevity supplements designed to promote healthy aging and extend the human lifespan, announced it has completed its introductory phase – a beta test, if you will. With four years of testing and formulating behind them, NOVOS’ science-backed, patent-pending supplements for consumers aim to slow down the pace of aging by targeting its root causes.

The company has made strategic investments in key research and development areas, appointing Diogo Barardo, PhD, as Head of Research and Development. Barardo, previously associated with Professor Brian Kennedy‘s National University of Singapore’s Center for Healthy Longevity, will oversee formulations, scientific studies and machine learning initiatives. Additionally, NOVOS has established a Medical Advisory Board, complementing its Scientific Advisory Board, to ensure a balanced scientific and clinical approach. Dr Robert Lufkin, a clinical professor and author, serves as the founding member.

Longevity.Technology: NOVOS was founded by Chris Mirabile in collaboration with scientists from Harvard Medical School, MIT and the Salk Institute – he’s also the CEO. Putting geroscience at the heart of its products, NOVOS is pioneering a comprehensive approach that addresses the 12 hallmarks of aging. We felt it was high time to catch up with Chris and find out what’s nuevo for NOVOS.

NOVOS offers consumers a three-pronged approach to achieve optimal health and extend their life expectancy. Their flagship product, NOVOS Core, is a patent-pending powdered formula containing 12 active longevity ingredients. This formula, when mixed into beverages, targets the 12 hallmarks of aging, promoting longevity, appearance, cognition, and energy over time. Additionally, NOVOS Boost, a capsule supplement containing high-purity microcrystalline nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), harnesses the power of NAD+ to boost energy, metabolism and DNA repair.

Through various third-party research studies, NOVOS has demonstrated the efficacy of its supplements in promoting longevity and healthy aging. In in vitro human cell studies, the supplements were shown to significantly reduce DNA damage from irradiation and inhibit cellular senescence [1]. Moreover, an in vivo case study revealed that 73% of participants experienced a decrease in their biological pace of aging after incorporating NOVOS supplements into their dietary routines, with none experiencing an acceleration [1].

The upping of the number of hallmarks of aging from nine to 12 is fairly recent, but Mirabile says that when NOVOS formulated NOVOS Core according to the original nine hallmarks of aging, the company was cognizant of additional aging contributors, such as chronic inflammation and the microbiome.

Longevity based on research, education and transparency
Chris Mirabile, CEO and Founder of NOVOS

“We also considered autophagy at the time as an aspect of the established hallmark, loss of proteostasis,” he explains. “As a result, NOVOS is the first company, and NOVOS Core the first formulation, to address all 12 hallmarks of aging. Our formula is backed by over 400 studies from accredited scientists in the field that demonstrate favorable impacts on each of these hallmarks, across multiple ingredients.”

And while supplements may move the needle on aging, it is important to have a handle on the data – especially now that consumers are seeking insights into their biological age; NOVOS Age offers epigenetic age tests that include a cutting-edge third-generation test that measures the pace of epigenetic aging, biological age and telomere length.

As the demand for longevity solutions grows, with the industry projected to reach $44 billion by 2030, so too does the demand for democratization of longevity and affordable options for maximizing healthspan. And NOVOS heard the call, offering affordable and even free options to demonstrate the accessibility of extending one’s life. Alongside their flagship supplements and epigenetic age tests, NOVOS provides a free AI-powered facial age test, which assesses perceived age and skin health markers based on data from over 12 million individuals. I’ve tried it and am pleased to report I perhaps don’t look as old as I feel!

The NOVOS Face Age Test uses data collected from over 12 million people to analyze the user’s perceived facial and eye age, while also scoring eye bags, wrinkles, uniformity, pores and redness.

Longevity based on research, education and transparency

Mirabile explains that when looking at the epigenetic ages of participants from the Dunedin studies, there is a discernible difference in facial age from the slowest, average and fastest aging participants, meaning that how we look physically correlates to our biological aging.

“It’s also something that a lot of people are very curious about, as well as how to improve, which we provide free guidance for,” he explains, adding that it goes without saying that this tool goes hand in hand with a personalized approach to longevity, as every participant will have a different yet very accurate score.

“When combining that data with that collected from NOVOS’ Biological Age Test, users are given a more complete comprehensive breakdown of their biological age,” Mirabile says. It’s just the beginning of the many free features that NOVOS offers, and, as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), we have many plans in the works to further help users refine their longevity journeys.”

So, what made NOVOS base its platform on the DunedinPACE Rate of Aging Clock? Mirabile explains that NOVOS is aware that breaking down and comprehending the factors that determine one’s biological age has picked up over the last few years as interest in longevity grows rapidly.

“Having an accurate and precise biological age clock is critical to starting a successful longevity journey,” he explains. “A key component to our approach at NOVOS is educating consumers about their biological age and providing free lifestyle guidance to improve it first, rather than just providing supplements and solutions with minimal context.

“The third-generation (latest) biological age clock, DunedinPACE, which measures the rate of aging, has the most accurate and robust algorithm available.”

Mirabile explains that DunedinPace not only has the highest intraclass correlation (ICC) value of all biological age clocks (measurement of precision) at greater than 0.96, it has been trained on 19 longevity-relevant biomarkers in more than 1,000 participants, and is the only clock trained with a long-term longitudinal dataset (from birth to 45 years old), which is the ideal way to build a biological age clock.

“DunedinPACE has also been validated across more than 45 scientific studies from over 30 research labs, whereas most commercial tests are internal black boxes with limited or no third-party validation and no published ICC values,” he adds.

It all comes back to education. NOVOS has learned in its years-long journey of researching and providing longevity solutions that providing educational resources to its audiences is essential – and this continues to be part of its masterplan.

“As the industry continues to grow and evolve with new entries in the space, it is more than ever key to be transparent about the science behind longevity, to empower consumers to make informed decisions,” Mirabile explains, adding that as a Public Benefit Corporation, NOVOS puts education and knowledge at the forefront of its offerings, continually funding and conducting third-party studies to advance the field.

“Rather than just supplements and products alone, we provide hundreds of research-backed resources that teach consumers how to be successful and safe on their longevity journeys – something we’re actively expanding and updating,” says Mirabile, adding that NOVOS is the first company to treat the 12 hallmarks of aging, with over 400 studies supporting its approach to longevity formulations.

“Being transparent with our findings is quintessential to our holistic approach, as our goal with NOVOS is to spearhead the industry for the sake of humanity.”

[1] https://novoslabs.com/scientific-evidence-behind-novos/