Longevity biomarkers mapped out in new report

Aging Analytics Agency profiles more than 50 biomarkers related to age-related diseases and syndromes.

Earlier this week, attendees at the AI for Longevity Summit at Kings College London, were given a first look at an exciting new report that provides a comprehensive, global overview of biomarkers relating to age, health and Longevity.

Developed by the Aging Analytics Agency, the report, entitled Biomarkers of Longevity: Current state, Challenges and Opportunities Landscape Overview 2019, provides a thorough list of single biomarkers and biomarker panels of biological age together with extensive and enhanced profiles. It explores their advantages, disadvantages, future perspectives, challenges and opportunities, with a focus on technologies currently used for assessment.

The paper also provides a concrete analysis of routine, advanced and novel biomarkers of aging, emerging tools and platforms, and insights about the impact of these biomarkers on health systems and clinical practice.

Dmitry Kaminskiy, co-founder of Aging Analytics Agency highlighted the increasingly necessary role that AI will play in coordinating the practical implementation of Longevity biomarkers due to the sheer volume of life and health data involved, saying “It is the application of AI for Longevity that will bring the greatest real-world benefits to the industrialization of Longevity to scale, and that will serve as the main driver of progress in the widespread extension of healthy Longevity for all segments of society in the coming years.”

Longevity.Technology: It’s undeniable that biomarkers are a vital component of an effective Longevity technology ecosystem. We will be taking a closer look at the detail of the report in the days ahead. Stay tuned.