Longevity Campaign will crowdfund better aging for all

A new crowdfunding campaign is aiming to support longer, healthier lives worldwide and bolster donations with matched funding from the Angel Alliance.

Every second, someone dies of age-related diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. If financial support helps shorten the timetable for curing these diseases by just one second, someone’s life will have been saved.

This is why SENS Research Foundation, Lifespan.io and Methuselah Foundation are proud to partner on the Longevity Campaign.

Contributions made now will be doubled thanks to $10k in matches from the Angel Alliance.

100% of donations will go directly to the Angel’s partner nonprofits, which are fighting the diseases of aging. Half will be used for antiaging work that is currently underway, and the remainder will be invested in perpetual endowments that will provide ongoing support for this work – forever.

Angel Protocol enables charities to benefit from Web3 technology, community and philanthropy. 100% of donations go to charity, transparently onchain, to their own non-custodial multisig wallets. Donations help build an endowment invested in a balanced portfolio of DeFi yield that keeps growing and giving, forever.

Angel Protocol charges no set-up or donation processing fees, so charities have a free way to accept cryptocurrency donations and experience the benefits & generosity Web3 can provide.

Recent scientific breakthroughs have revealed much about what causes age-related diseases – and identified promising therapies to cure them.

This decade – the UN Decade of Healthy Aging – offers the opportunity to improve the quality and length of life for billions of people worldwide, particularly women and minorities who are disproportionately burdened by age-related conditions.

Angel Impact Funds seek to empower changemakers like social entrepreneurs to fundraise, coordinate and invest capital through treasury management, collaborative governance and capital deployment. Angel has previously raised $1.5m for climate change with its Restore Earth campaign, $500k for Typhoon Rai disaster relief efforts in the Philippines and $200k for Ukraine. It hopes to raise even more for longevity research through this new campaign.

Angel Impact Funds says that ever since the birth of blockchain technology, there has been an indelible connection between it and the desire for life extension.

“[This connection goes] all the way back to the early cypherpunks and cryptocurrency founders such as Hal Finney, forward to the pioneers of the present such as Vitalik Buterin.

“You can be part of this grand tradition of transcending boundaries – be they financial or biological – in the service of all humankind [1].”

Find out more about Longevity Campaign HERE

[1] https://longevity.angelprotocol.io/