Longevity Center – an integrated longevity journey

Longevity.Technology’s CEO Phil Newman tests his healthspan at Longevity Center, a state-of-the-art longevity clinic in Warsaw.

Longevity clinics are rapidly emerging as essential destinations for individuals invested in prolonging their health and vitality. With state-of-the-art equipment and a growing emphasis on holistic well-being, these clinics cater to those seeking to optimize their healthspan – the period of life spent in good health, free from chronic diseases and disabilities. Long gone are the days when healthcare was solely about treating illnesses – now, it is about proactive measures to prevent them.

Regular visits to these clinics are becoming routine for longevity enthusiasts, integrating seamlessly into their health regimens. Whether it’s an annual check-up or more regular tracking of biomarkers and other diagnostics, these appointments serve as proactive steps towards understanding and enhancing one’s healthspan by investigating everything from microbiomes to cognitive decline. It’s no longer just about extending lifespan, but about ensuring that the years lived are vibrant, active and fulfilling.

Longevity.Technology: Our CEO and founder Phil Newman undertook his first health assessment at Longevity Center‘s Warsaw clinic. The comprehensive assessment took approximately 5 hours and involved over 20 different tests.

To give an overview of Longevity Center’s comprehensive analysis of Phil’s health status, his assessment included:

  • An initial consultation
  • A biochemical panel including 47 different biomarkers
  • Measurement of telomere length
  • DNA testing
  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • A WatchPat test to assess sleep quality test and a sleep consultation
  • A CNS cognitive function test
  • A dietitian consultation

The results and recommendations arising from this battery of tests were then discussed in depth in a summary consultation and a detailed Final Report was issued.

Find out more about Phil’s Longevity Center experience and what he discovered as a result of its comprehensive testing program in our video.

Phil Newman on:

The longevity journey

Longevity Center is a fascinating facility – it’s very integrated in terms of the whole customer journey, and there’s been a very deep investment, not only into the equipment here, but also into the dedicated team. There have been lots of people helping me with my longevity journey and they’re all really dedicated – not only to making sure that my physical well-being is looked after, but that my mental well-being is too. That’s been a very interesting part of the journey for me, learning about myself as an integrated part of a whole holistic longevity journey.

Lessons Learned

I’ve learned that I am metabolically 46, so although I’m 56, I’m 10 years younger in my body, and my veins are, apparently, the veins of a 20-year-old! But, I’m getting older, and things are starting to wear down and break down somewhat, and I’ve learned about the stress that I put my body through when I work and the downsides of my very sedentary working habits. The team here has looked at my information processing skills, my verbal reasoning and concentration, showing me what needs to be worked on to try to improve that as I get older.

Overall, I feel very encouraged by what I’ve learned about myself – obviously, there’s work to do, but that’s the whole point of coming to these longevity centres. I’ve learned a lot about myself, but I’ve also learned that sharing your longevity journey with your partner is actually a really good thing to do because you’re sharing the experience both in your diet and your exercise. 

Going forward

It’s been very interesting to learn about teenagers – they are the next generation of what’s coming through in terms of longevity. Their future health and longevity is what could be affected by participating in their longevity now. 

Would I recommend coming to Longevity Center? Absolutely, I would. You learn a lot about your body, you learn a lot about your future and they have a great team that can help you with your longevity journey.

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