Longevity clinics continue to proliferate in the US

Serotonin Centers’ network of longevity clinics grows to more than 100 locations with new San Diego franchise.

Longevity clinic provider Serotonin Centers has opened its latest franchise in San Diego, California. The company, which claims to operate the fastest-growing longevity franchise in the US, provides a range of science-backed treatments designed to “optimize health, longevity, and quality of life.”

A group of local medical practitioners have joined forces to open the latest addition to the Serotonin franchise, which will be located in the Del Mar area of San Diego. Scheduled to open in early 2025, the new center will offer a range of services aimed at enhancing wellbeing and extending healthspan.

“Combined, we’ve invested nearly a century into supporting the well-being of San Diego residents, helping them to navigate their health challenges and severe ailments,” said Dr Shahid Hussain, one of the owners of the new franchise. “But we recognized more could be done to service our community’s health needs. We wanted to fill in the gaps where traditional healthcare often falls short. Serotonin Centers and its one-stop-shop approach to anti-aging treatments stood out as a potential solution.”

Claiming to have more than 100 franchises now either open or in development, Serotonin Centers is yet another example of the rapid growth in longevity clinics in the US and beyond. From hormone replacement therapy to medical aesthetics and IV drip therapy, the company says its clinics provide a holistic approach to longevity via teams of medical practitioners and health coaches who develop personalized health plans for members. The centers also offer restorative services like red-light therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which Serotonin claims can boost the body’s “defensive capabilities”.

“Current medical and wellness advancements in technology and modalities have become the norm in communities like San Diego with well-educated and health-conscious residents,” said Eric Casaburi, CEO of Serotonin Centers. “Our forward-thinking approaches will stand out among top-tier treatments targeting longevity and overall healthspan.”